Keratin for hair: what are the benefits of this star active ingredient?

For a few years now, keratin has been the star ingredient for displaying beautiful hair. What are its benefits ? How to apply it? We tell you all about this protein that wants the best for your hair.

  Keratin for hair: what are the benefits of this star active ingredient?

What is keratin for hair?

We may hear about it regularly, but we may not always know what it really is. keratin . You will therefore be delighted to learn that keratin is a natural protein found in our hair (but also in our fingernails) which not only allows their formation, but protects them as effectively from external aggressions. It is this protein made up of amino acids, present at 85% in the hair fiber, which allows you to obtain shiny and full of supple hair.

What are the benefits of keratin for hair?

'Keratin is essential for the good structure of the hair. It has strengthening and anti-breakage properties to fortify the hair and strengthen it from the inside and from the outside.' explains Philippine Simon, Essentiel Brand Manager at Eugène Perma. This ingredient repairs and smoothes the hair while making it shinier and more supple.

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How to put keratin on hair?

The problem with keratin is that it tends to wear out over time and stress ( brushing , colouring, sweeping, etc.), and the hair then loses its shine: it becomes necessary to strengthen it by obviously betting on this active ingredient of plant origin. For an immediate result, we turn to the many keratin care , which will consolidate the protective barrier that our hair so badly needs. Shampoos , thermo-active treatments, masks, serum… You will be spoiled for choice to repair your hair and make it easier to style. 'Some treatments, such as the keratin mask, are applied to the lengths and ends, then left to stand for 20 minutes under a heat source, wrapping your hair in cellophane for example, before being rinsed thoroughly.' says Mélanie Audouin co-founder of the Urban Keratin brand

What keratin treatment performed at the hairdresser?

Your hairdresser can offer you to enhance your hair with high-dose keratin hair products through a specific range intended for professionals. He can also make a keratin straightening , a deep treatment that will boost your hair by injecting keratin into the hair fiber. Your hair will gain shine and suppleness, and will appear smoother. While they'll get rid of bothersome frizz, they won't be completely straight. You will always have to resort to the hair dryer and/or straightener, even if it will now take you much less time. You can perform this smoothing at a hairdresser , for a session lasting several hours between 200 and 600 euros depending on the length and thickness of your hair, or at home for a less breathtaking result.

In both cases, make sure that the product used does not contain formalin, an aggressive substance that should not be found for keratin straightening.

Are keratin treatments suitable for frizzy hair?

'Keratin treatment adapts perfectly to all hair types: curly hair, oily or dry hair, white hair, colored hair, and even on frizzy hair. It is generally associated with other effective active ingredients to sublimate each type of hair'. says Mélanie Audouin. It also works miracles on fragile hair and sensitive as afro hair . Keratin will indeed repair and protect frizzy hair by restoring strength and shine.

Does keratin make hair grow?

'That's not what we're going to use it for, but you have to remember that the healthier a hair is, the faster and better it will grow.' explains Mélanie Audouin.

How to choose keratin dietary supplements?

You can also revitalize your hair from the inside by opting for keratin dietary supplements specially tailored that will have a longer lasting effect on your mane. We particularly recommend supplements that combine keratin with zinc and vitamin B6, which our star protein needs to circulate in the hair fiber.