Kendji Girac as a couple: he refuses to reveal the identity of his wife, 'it's true that it's complicated...'

Currently in full promotion of his next album 'The school of life', Kendji Girac was this weekend the guest of the show 'How Are Riou'. Asked about his wife, he explained why he never really revealed his identity.

  Kendji Girac as a couple: he refuses to reveal the'identité de sa femme, "c'est vrai que c'est compliqué..."

2022 is a particularly busy year for Kendji Girac. And this frenetic pace is not expected to end anytime soon. Because after taking his first real steps as an actor in the TF1 TV movie Champion , and have been sworn to The Voice Kids , he is about to shoot a new season of this same family program alongside Slimane, Nolwenn Leroy and Patrick Fiori. Above all, he will unveil his brand new album, The school of life , next November 11 .

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An opus for which he is therefore in full promotion and which therefore notably led him to speak on Maxime Riou's show How Are Riou on Radio Monaco on October 15 .

Why does Kendji Girac never talk about his wife?

Everyone knows it, Kendji Girac has been in a relationship for several years now, but he has always managed to keep the identity of his sweetheart a secret . And even if they became parents in January 2021 of a little Eva, to whom the 26-year-old singer also dedicates an eponymous song taken from his upcoming album, they are no exception to their rule.

Reached by telephone by the teams of the radio show, the one who was revealed in 2014 at the age of 18 still made some confidences about the mother of his daughter. And he started by qualifying his interviewer's words: 'Most fans know who she is' . Before adding: 'But she doesn't want to put herself forward. It's her choice. I tend to agree with her here. Let's live well, live hidden. In any case, I'm not forcing her, far from it . It's her way of life... Because it's true that it's complicated: being the wife of a singer who is always gone. It's her way of appreciating our couple, being withdrawn and being present for me, as she does very well besides' , then humbly confided the artist.

A speech which also confirms what he had already confided to Paris Match in June 2021: 'I understand that it's intriguing, but we won't see it. If I could not talk about it, I would. My job is my job. The rest is up to me' . So the mystery remains.

Kendji Girac: a satisfied and caring father

Very discreet when it comes to his private life, Kendji Girac still confided in the teams of the TF1 show 50' Inside as part of a report on his very first TV movie. 'Every time I get up to work, even if I'm tired, I know why I do it. It's because I want to build a bright future for my daughter and my partner' , he said then. Before concluding : 'Later, she will see all the work that her dad does, whether in music or for this film. I will tell her that her dad is thirsty to learn, thirsty to know a lot of things' .