Kate Middleton: This '4th child' she already has at home...

Does Kate Middleton have a hidden child? A 4th baby that no one knows about? While the Princess of Wales is regularly targeted by rumors on this subject, a source close to the royal family has lifted the veil on the daily life of Prince William's wife…

  Kate Middleton: This '4th child' that'elle a déjà à la maison...

All couples have their little fights...and royal tandems are no exception. A palace source revealed some details about the rather special relationship between the prince and the princess of wales . Kate Middleton would be forced to adapt to the moods of her husband, who tends to be capricious and behave like a child.

Kate Middleton married to Prince William: her behavior, that of a child?

Kate Middleton would therefore have … four children: Prince George (9 years old), Princess Charlotte (8 years old), Prince Louis (5 years old) and … the prince William (40 years) ! This is what mockingly reports the British author Tom Quinn who revealed it to our colleagues across the Channel from Express . On May 21, 2023, he shared a conversation he had with a former employee who worked at Kensington Palace. This revealed: ' Kate treats him (Prince William, editor's note) as the fourth child ' . Because he would act like one, he would even ' tendency to throw tantrums ' , argued the source.

Prince William has previously been described as a hot-tempered person. In the book Our King: Charles III: The Man and the Monarch Revealed , by Robert Jobson, published last April, the author quoted an employee of the prince who claimed: ' It can be difficult '. ' He is a determined person, which can make him impatient ' , he added. This source even said that the future heir to the crown of England could be ' angry ' .

Kate and William: their 'terrible differences'

Subsequently, Tom Quinn also claimed that his source explained to him: ' They have arguments. It's not a perfect marriage. They have terrible differences ' . But the Prince and Princess of Wales have their little tricks to let off steam and calm down. The former employee revealed: ' But where some couples argue and throw heavy vases at each other, William and Kate throw pillows at each other '. He also wanted to reassure about this type of behavior and added: ' It's always under control ' .

Elizabeth II gave couple advice to Kate and William!

But the couple has another way of defusing certain situations. In order to calm the tensions between them, the princely couple adopted one of the mantras which comes directly from the deceased reine Elizabeth , ' never complain, never explain ' . The source gave details on what this famous advice entails. ' Because William adopts his grandmother's ways and behavior and Kate is very good at not complaining “, she asserted.

Before specifying: Both stick to what made Queen Elizabeth II such a remarkable monarch. “. The former employee finally concluded: ' They very rarely complain and when they do it is always in measured terms '.

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