Kate Middleton disrespectful to King Charles III? This scene that surprised but...

Royal faux pas or baseless controversy? As the Royal Family reunited to celebrate Commonwealth Day, Kate Middleton surprised some people by not curtsying King Charles III. Freedom with protocol from the Princess of Wales?

  Kate Middleton disrespectful to King Charles III? This scene that surprised but...

Kate Middleton would she have made her first misstep within the royal family, she who has distinguished herself for years by her good conduct ? Indeed, this Monday, March 13, 2023, while the entire royal family was present at Westminster Abbey to commemorate the Commonwealth Day , the princess of wales astonished most by showing what many consider disrespectful. In question ? The absence of reverence At roi Charles III . What happened to the one who is known for being especially good manners ?

A protocol to follow to the letter

Being part of the British royal family is not easy. Proof : Meghan Markle preferred not to be part of it anymore, she who never knew (or wanted?) to comply with the instructions. When you enter the royal family, there are obviously codes to respect and protocols to follow. And that, Kate Middleton has always integrated it well! Thus, clan family members must salute their king and queen consort by performing a reverence . Men, on the other hand, can simply nod their heads. the first meeting of the day.

Kate Middleton would therefore not have been as disrespectful as one might think: the princess is said to have simply met the king long before their public reunion at Westminster Abbey around 2:45 p.m. reports the English tabloids. We are therefore reassured. On the other hand, another scene questioned...

Indeed, during this family reunion and day of celebrations, Kate Middleton spoke with Camilla Parker Bowles . A scene that apparently annoyed her husband Charles, who simply tried to end their conversation before the start of the ceremony before reprimanding his wife. If no one knows the reasons for his annoyance, his serious face left little room for doubt as to his anger towards his wife.

Thoughts moved for Queen Elizabeth II

While British crown was celebrating Commonwealth Day, King Charles III, Queen Consort Camilla - the couple will be officially crowned next May -, the prince William and Kate Middleton were reunited, ensuring the continuity of the crown where Prince Harry hung up his gloves... The opportunity to meet all together for a ceremony which is held every March, on the second Monday of the month.

Little chance of missing out on emotion when remembering the deceased Queen Elizabeth II during this day. Charles III indeed wanted to share a moving thought for his mother: 'In succeeding Her Majesty as Head of the Commonwealth, I draw great strength from his example , as well as all that I have learned from the amazing people I have met, across the Commonwealth over so many years.'

This is King Charles III's first Commonwealth address. The latter will be crowned on May 6.

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