Kate Middleton Denies Kids Autographs: 'I Can't But...' (Princess Not Nice?)

Respect for the rules... During a picnic, the Princess of Wales refused to sign autographs for a group of children. But Kate Middleton quickly explained herself and even tried to make amends.

  Kate Middleton refuses autographs to children:"Je ne peux pas mais..." (pas sympas la princesse ?)

The princess of wales is in the spotlight after refusing to sign autographs for a group of children at the Chelsea Flower Show Children's Inaugural Picnic on Monday, May 22, 2023. Kate Middleton tried to justify herself and made a small gesture in order to be forgiven. Rest assured, they didn't leave empty-handed!

Kate Middleton refuses to break protocol

At the inaugural picnic, several children were disappointed to be refused an autograph from the Princess of Wales, because she did not want to interfere with the protocol ; it is not for nothing if she was very appreciated by the deceased reine Elizabeth II... But very quickly, Prince William's wife wanted to give more details about this refusal and she explained to a curious child the reason. ' My name is Catherine. I'm not allowed to write my signature, it's just one of the rules ', according to what was reported People . Then, the 41-year-old princess, mother of three children , clarified: ' I can't write my name, but I can draw '.

She then undertook to draw a small flower for little Ruby, 7, a tree for a second child and a pond surrounded by plants for another. We knew Kate Middleton pianist – she proved it at Eurovision – we discover her designer!

A royal rule respected by everyone...well, almost

As asserted by Daily Express , members of the royal family are not allowed to sign their names because of the risk of falsification . On the other hand, nothing in the protocol prohibits them from being photographed with the public during their official outings. In recent months, the Prince and Princess of Wales have lent themselves to the game of selfies.

The roi Charles III did not follow this rule once in 2010. The monarch signed an autograph for a victim of devastating floods and wrote: ' Charles 2010 ' . But since then, he has never broken protocol again.

The secrets of Kate Middleton to children.

During the picnic, the Princess of Wales chatted a lot with the children. She even confessed a few little secrets about her children and said that her youngest son, Prince Louis, is involved in a gardening project with his school. ' Louis grows beans at school . We put them in a cup and we see the roots grow. They quickly become as big as sunflowers “, she related, according to People . She then extolled the merits of outdoor activities, while repeating a saying that she particularly appreciates: ' It's so good for our body and mind '.

A child also asked him what it was like to be in the royal family. She didn't hesitate to reply simply: ' You have to work hard , but you know, the best thing is to be able to meet young people like you '.

Kate Middleton also insisted on the role of members of the royal family. ' They help support all the different people in the country, showcasing all the amazing work that is being done, and watching over everyone “, she explained. She herself is patron of several organizations, including sports, across the United Kingdom.

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