Kate Middleton and Prince William: this big change that awaits their children

Next September, the children of the Cambridge clan will return to a new school, Prince William and Kate Middleton having decided to settle in Windsor. But this will not be their only upheaval of the month of September.

 Kate Middleton and Prince William: this big change that awaits their children

For several months now, the Cambridge spouses have been talking about leaving Anmer Hall to settle in Windsor, next to the new permanent residence of Queen Elizabeth II. And last May, the Daily Mail taught the whole world that Kate Middleton and Prince William had finally found what they needed in Adelaide Cottage , a royal property less than ten minutes from Windsor. The British media then revealed that the move would take place in the summer of 2022 . This will therefore be done very soon (if this is not already the case), the start of the 2022 school year therefore promises to be very different from the previous ones for the couple's children.

No more full-time nannies for Kate Middleton and Prince William

In the coming weeks, Georges, Charlotte and Louis will therefore experience several major upheavals. Starting with a change of school. The two princes and the princess will indeed return to the very expensive Lambrook School , a private school in the county of Berkshire. And that's not all. As asserted by the Telegraph in its edition of August 14, 2022, the children, although accustomed to the permanent presence of their nanny, Maria Theresa Turrion Borrallo, will soon have to learn to do without her . 'For the first time in the life of their children, there will be no nanny at home' , says the tabloid. Indeed, Georges, 9 years old, Charlotte 7 years old and Louis, 4 years old, have always known this way of life since Maria Borrallo was hired in 2013 when Prince George was only eight months old. But the new Cambridge villa only has four bedrooms, so the super nanny of the small family will have to put her suitcases in another house. , a little further, with the other royal employees. No offense to the three toddlers.

Kate Middleton worried about her children

If Kate Middleton and her prince husband have decided to move away from the city, it is not to escape their royal obligations, but rather to protect children from growing media overexposure which is of great concern to the Duchess . And to get closer to the queen who has decided to take up permanent residence in Windsor. Kate and William will therefore be only a few minutes walk from her place of residence and can count on her to watch over their children. The spouses will not be far from Michael and Carole Middleton, the parents of Kate, who live in Bucklebury and will therefore be able to lend a hand for the custody of the three toddlers.

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