Karine Le Marchand: What job did she do before becoming an animator?

If today she plays cupids on M6, Karine Le Marchand has not always been a host. Find out what jobs the pretty brunette, at the heart of a controversy with the gay community, exercised before breaking into the small screen.

  Karine Le Marchand: What job did she do before becoming an animator?

His inimitable laughter, his knowing little smiles, Karine Le Marchand , 54, has a knack for bonding with the farmers in his heart. Host of the cult show Love is in the meadow since 2010, it is now inseparable from it. However, the energetic fifty-something has not always shone in front of the camera, as she tells herself in a surprising message. She reveals her former work in a cult place.

Karine Le Marchand, cashier in a well-known place

It is on her Instagram account, in the caption of a photo where we see her alongside Cathy Guetta, queen of Parisian nights, that the presenter gave herself up to astonishing confidences, in particular on one of the professions that 'she performed before being well known to the general public. ' My Cathy Guetta, 30 years ago (yes yes), I was in charge of the Bains Douches cash register, every Thursday evening. You were at the bar and you were telling me about this young DJ David, who you liked but who was so shy.. .' A touching anecdote about the friendship that has bound the two women for all these years, and which makes you smile when you know their story.

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Karine Le Marchand, babysitter for the son of a famous actor

Decidedly full of surprises, Karine Le Marchand has multiplied odd jobs before finding her way. Recurring guest of the Big heads on RTL in the happy band of Laurent Ruquier, the host had confided to having regularly looked after children, specifying however, not without humor: ' I don't do that anymore, that was when I was young! 'As an anecdote, she recounts her role as babysitter for the son of a famous actor:' What happened was that I went to accompany a gentleman who had two children and who was friends with Gérard Jugnot. As a result, I also kept Arthur (now 41 years old, editor's note). And then we skied with Gérard. It was a long time ago ! '

Karine Le Marchand, how much does the host of L'Amour est dans le Pré earn today?

Far from its difficult beginnings - ' We pulled the devil by the tail, our childhood was not ideal, but we had the smile, the joy, the energy and the desire to get out of it without losing our values ' she specifies in her tribute message to Cathy Guetta on Instagram - Karine Le Marchand can be delighted to live a more than comfortable life today. In 2015, M6's flagship asset thus specified the amount of her salary on RMC, composed of many zeros: ' Around €30,000 per month ' . From the cash desk of the Bains Douches to the projectors of the small screen, Karine Le Marchand has been able to find her place, without losing any of her values.

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Karine Le Marchand, 'gaydar': controversy around her game where she guesses the sexuality of her subscribers

Acclaimed for her freshness and authenticity, Karine Le Marchand can sometimes be divisive. And difficult in the era of social networks, where nothing is lost and everything is recycled, to sometimes escape the malevolence of some. Recently, it was a video montage on TikTok that gave him bad press. We discover her facing the camera asking many men the question head-on if they are gay: the hashtag #gaydar quickly brought Karine Le Marchand up in TT. A controversy commented on by the host in an Instagram story while the show Do not touch My TV held a Twitter poll of viewers to find out if they found this offensive or not: 'My live love uploaded to TikTok without my knowledge.' Further specifying: 'Of course you have to know the sexual preference to find love.' It was a game where she helped her subscribers find love. Love, definitely the red thread of Karine Le Marchand...

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