Karine Le Marchand: Childhood, Modeling, Song and Addictions...

Happy Birthday Karine Le Marchand! The favorite host of the French, star of 'Love is in the Meadow' celebrates her 54th birthday on August 16. The opportunity to discover its 10 secrets.

  Karine Le Marchand: Childhood, Modeling, Song and Addictions...

Karine Le Marchand blows out her 54 candles on August 16. Confidante of politicians like lonely souls, friend of Stéphane Plaza, leading host of M6 , model, radio woman, writer, the bubbly brunette has more than one string to her bow. Between a childhood surrounded by women, her short period as a model, her beauty secrets or even the complicated relationship with her father, the PAF star cultivates her secret garden. Here are 10 things you (probably) didn't know on the star of Love is in the meadow ...

Karine Le Marchand: a childhood without a father

Karine Le Marchand was born on August 16, 1968 in Nancy. of a French mother and a father from Burundi. A father she won't know, since he leaves the family home when she was a year and a half old...

Karine Le Marchand: her real name

In fact, her name is Karine M'Fayokurera , a name he was asked to simplify for a career in television. ' They started typing my name and the program director came down and said, 'That's not going to be possible!' It was 5 minutes before airtime. I took the name of my fiancé at the time' , revealed Karine Le Marchand on RTL. A nice wink!

The woman of the house

Deprived of dad, Karine Le Marchand very quickly felt invested with a mission: to watch over her family, to take on the role of the responsible figure within her home. His role models? The character of Charles Ingalls or the actor Lino Ventura . 'Men of their word, guys ready to do anything to protect their loved ones', she confided to Parisian.

Karine Le Marchand, running fan

To maintain her dream figure, the host has a secret: she's a big fan of running ! Indeed, the pungent brunette practices outdoor running daily. It is besides on the turnings of Love is in the meadow that she got into the habit of jogging outside...


Her passion for running even prompted jogger Karine Le Marchand to create your own sports app : SlimesRun . The concept ? An app for runners who just want to talk and have fun, and which is aimed at five profiles of people: young mothers, overweight people, 16-25 year olds, over 40 years old and people who want to lose five kilos. 'I met sports podiatrists, physiotherapists who gave me advice' she explained to TV 7 Days . A great initiative!


As a teenager, Karine Le Marchand had a very different career dream. Passionate about music, she practiced the harp and the flute at the Regional Conservatory of Nancy , with his sister Agnès. After her French baccalaureate, she enrolled in terminal D in a Parisian high school, wishing to start... a singing career. In particular, she takes on the role of backing vocalist for David Hasselhoff . According to TV 7 Days , she would have even recorded several models alongside the famous composer Franck Langolff (author of the hit Joe the Taxi interpreted by Vanessa Paradis). But the death of the latter, in 2006, thwarts his plans...

queen of the podium

Before becoming a skylight (and farmer) star, Karine Le Marchand was... mannequin . It was at just 18 years old that she decided to leave her native Lorraine to go to the capital, in order to embark on modeling. Spotted by the famous fashion agency Elite , the sublime crossbreed parades for 2 years alongside great models of the time such as Carla Bruni or Naomi Campbell, before ending his career after a year, tired of rhinestones and podiums.

Freezing reunion

If she did not grow up with her father, the mother of Alya, 19, ended up crossing her path again, years later, by chance, during a report in Burundi for TV5 World in 1999. 'I met someone who knew him, and warned him. I filmed our meeting by questioning him about the reasons for his departure and this lack of news' , revealed Karine Le Marchand to TV 7 Days in 2013. But the reunion between the father and his daughter is not very conclusive. ' We saw each other several times, I didn't have much to say to him. (...) I never saw him again. He died of AIDS twelve years ago. , she added.

Karine Le Marchand: her beauty routine

Feminine and flirtatious, Karine Le Marchand advocates above all natural beauty. Her makeup routine? ' Always smoky eye makeup, with black, gray, navy… and lots of mascara' , she detailed to Cosmopolitan . Simple and efficient.

Karine Le Marchand, addicted to...

The presenter is a big foodie. So much so that she had to call on hypnosis to cure certain addictions and food addictions... 'I starved myself so I could eat tons of chocolate without gaining weight. It was ridiculous! (...) Today, I mainly practice hypnosis, thanks to which I have treated my chocolate addiction and Coke' , she said in SHE .

The latest news on Karine Le Marchand

Karine Le Marchand's bio

  • Date of Birth : 08/16/1968
  • Place of birth  : Nancy (France)
  • Astrological sign  : Lion
  • Cut : 1,74 m

clan chef

Born in Nancy to a mother from Lorraine and a father from Burundi, Karine Le Marchand (Karine Mfayokurera, her real name) quickly stood out from her classmates because of her origins and her interbreeding: ' In this region of blue-eyed blondes, I had a choice. Either I lowered my head or I stood out even more. I chose the second option “, she reports. Her father left home when she was not even two years old. The little girl grew up with her mother, her sister Agnès and her grandmother, Mamie Germaine, whom she keeps. a wonderful memory: She was an outgoing, boring woman, I adored her “, she reveals to the Parisian .

At 11, the girl suffers from eating disorders eating exclusively grapefruit and tuna. She even flirts with danger by resorting to drugs like Mediator . At home, Karine Le Marchand works to replace the absent. She is inspired by Lino Ventura or Charles Ingalls for improvise as head of the family .

Passionate about music, she practices the harp and the transverse flute at the Nancy Conservatory. Determined to pursue a career in the music industry, she moved to Paris in 1986, abandoning her studies in Terminale D.

Accompanying her companion to a casting organized by Elite, she caught the attention of the prestigious agency and began a short-lived career as a model. A more precarious period begins where she has to juggle odd jobs to earn a living.

From the radio to the small screen

By dint of pugnacity, she manages to record small commercials for RTL and RMC. A first foray into the media which allowed him to access France 3 Paris in 1995. The program 'Midi Pile' is his launching pad. For ten years, she multiplied appearances on TV5 where she hosted '24 hours live', France 2 ('The forges of the desert', 'It's going to be male') or M6 ('Tele Series').

But it was not until 2004 that she found a job that suited her by becoming the confidante of mothers in the program 'Les Maternelles' on France 5. His listening skills and his teasing mood hit the mark.

An exceptional confidante for farmers

After five years of success, she joined M6 to host a program now inseparable from her name: 'Love is in the meadow'. On haystacks, in stables or sitting in a tractor, she collects the confidences of farmers in search of true love. His mischievousness has the gift of disinhibiting his interlocutors who confide without taboo. The popularity of the host is skyrocketing.

M6 takes the opportunity to entrust her with new shows, such as 'We don't choose our neighbors' which she co-hosts with her best friend, Stéphane Plaza. She also makes brief appearances in the series 'Household Scenes'. Resident of 'Big heads' on RTL, she hosted in 2016 on M6 a new political program 'An intimate ambition'. Accused of contributing to the demonization of the National Front by receiving Marine Le Pen , Karine Le Marchand brushes aside the criticism with the back of her hand: ' I have the impression of being in a court (…) Marine Le Pen is a woman like the others '. Always as skilled at arousing confidences, Karine Le Marchand shows political figures a facet of themselves hitherto unknown.

Presenter of 'France has an incredible talent' in 2020, in 2021 she helps people with morbid obesity in the program 'Operation Renaissance'. In 2015, Karine Le Marchand admitted having difficulty, as the granddaughter of a worker, to assume a salary of around 30,000 euros monthly.

A passionate private life

In an interview with the magazine Boy , Karine Le Marchand had discussed her painful journey to become a mother: ' You know, I had a hard time having my daughter. I started a journey of PMA to finally get pregnant naturally '. What to shape his commitment in favor of the PMA: ' I find it unacceptable that we have to beg for the right to be a parent '. Born in 2002, Alya is his only daughter and she is keen to elevate it away from the spotlight.

Separated from Alya's father, she will have a short relationship with singer Passi. In a relationship with Lilian Thuram for several years, she filed, then withdrew a complaint for domestic violence . In 2018, the name of his new companion, Joey Starr, surprised his Instagram community. The idyll does not last even if the former lovers remain accomplices.

Today, Karine Le Marchand protects his privacy while distilling some personal information to his followers. She shared sad news with them in 2021 by announcing the accidental death of her little dog, Rose. On occasion, she receives insults when she mocks other public figures like Franck Ribéry, one of her favorite targets, on social networks.

Son style mode

In mini shorts and rubber boots, Karine Le Marchand fascinates the audience of 'Love is in the meadow'. Her vertiginous legs allow her to wear long flowery dresses, jumpsuits, flowing trousers or short asymmetrical dresses with the same ease.

Her beauty look

Smoky eyes, luminous gloss, Karine Le Marchand knows how to highlight her fine face without overdoing it. Admitting without complex having resorted to cosmetic surgery, she practices sport diligently to maintain her youthful appearance. When Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine asks her how she imagines herself in 10 years, she answers with a burst of laughter and without hesitation ' Lifted! '

Its social commitments

In 2019, in a video posted on Instagram, Karine Le Marchand committed herself to the fight against violence against women .

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