Karel, the Parisian candidate for the Best Pastry Chef 2022

Karel is one of the 16 candidates for the Best Pastry Chef 2022. This Parisian of Cameroonian origin is passionate about pastry and competitions. He intends to prove to the competition that winning is in his blood!

  Karel, the Parisian candidate for the Best Pastry Chef 2022

Karel , 29, is a retraining engineer. This Parisian of Cameroonian origin will make the jurors travel thanks to the flavors of his journeys. Fan of competition, the Best Pastry Chef is a new challenge for him that he intends to win.

What is his background?

Karel is a 29-year-old Cameroonian of the Bamiléké ethnic group who arrived in France when he was thirteen. Although dreaming of becoming a footballer, the young Parisian is heading towards engineering studies. In 2017, he graduated from ESTP Paris (Special School of Public Works) and was recruited by Eiffage then Vinci. It was for Vinci Energie that the young man became assistant project manager in Nigeria, then project manager in Angola. He finally decided to change paths and converted to finance as a venture capitalist. Karel is also a big fan of sports: football, rugby, boxing are ways for him to constantly challenge himself. It is precisely this love for competition that brought him to this eleventh season of the Best Pastry Chef. Its goal : ' to be the best of the best '.

His universe in pastry

Karel's motto in life as in baking: taste, always taste! Since he was 14 years old, the young man has enjoyed baking for his loved ones through desserts that mix the flavors of his origins and his travels. ' My passion for pastry comes from my cousin Greg with whom I grew up in Cameroon. I always trailed in his paws, I tasted everything “, remembers the young man.

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What is Karel's Instagram of Best Pastry Chef?

I bought Karel's Instagram ( @karel_lmp11 ) will make your taste buds travel! Colourful, neat and greedy, all his cakes are more appetizing than the other and whet the appetite! We feel that the young man has really improved over the years and now offers pastries worthy of leaders. His 'Antananarivo' log with vanilla and caramel will surely make your mouth water! There is also a recipe from West Africa, hiakry (also called déguê), a very tempting dessert made from mille couscous and yogurt/curdled milk. In short, Karel's Instagram makes you smile, just like its owner! And if you want, you can also find him on TikTok (@karel_nitch).

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