Kamel Ouali (Star Academy) is 50 years old: Baby, 'Drama', Elodie Frégé, DALS...

Kamel Ouali turns 50 on December 15. His 'drama' at Star Ac', his family of 12 children, his little Rock, his proposal in Dancing With The Stars... Here's what you didn't know about the famous choreographer.

Kamel Ouali turns 50 on December 15, 2021. The famous choreographer of Star Academy has taken off since the end of the most popular tele-hook of the 2000s and is now an accomplished dancer... and a happy dad ! His crazy anecdotes Star Ac' , his childhood in a family of 12 children , the son's name , Dance with the stars ... What you didn't know about the famous dancer.

Kamel Ouali has 11 siblings

Kamel Ouali was born in a family of 12 children , 7 boys and 5 girls, of Algerian origin. Very early on, this fan of Michael Jackson fell in love with dance by accompanying his sister to her classes. He quickly became dance academy teacher of the capital and ends up collaborating with several artists, creating choreographies for their clips.

Kamel Ouali, helped by the Star Academy

In 1989, it was TF1 producer Angela Lorente who noticed him and, when he was still a minor, made him sign his first contract. Between 2000 and 2004, he choreographed the musicals The ten Commandments and Gone with the wind . As early as the 2000s, he became known to the general public for his role as a professor at the Star Academy . A real springboard. ' The Star Ac' m'a permis de put on my own musicals (…) I had become the most popular choreographer in France “, he told the Parisian .

Kamel Ouali almost did not participate in Star Academy

However, Kamel Ouali almost never participated in Star Ac'. ' When I learn of the existence of this program, I also have a proposal for the opera and I chose the Star Academy . It was an adventure, I was young, I tried . It's the story of a meeting, of an opportunity… There was no example of another show of the same style so it was a risk taking important to me “, he told the site Actu.fr .

Kamel Ouali, 'annoyed' by the first premium: his 'drama'

The first bonus was however catastrophic , according to Kamel Ouali, who keeps a vivid memory of this evening. ' There was no staging (...) I watch the prime unfold, disappointed . Completely depressed by what I see and yet I know about broadcasting. It's not possible, it's a drama “, he confided to Actu.fr . From this moment, Kamel Ouali, who was originally hired as a dance teacher, became the choreographer of the castle of Dammarie-Lès-Lys.

Kamel Ouali: what he regrets in Star Academy

If the unforgettable choreographer was there for the eight seasons of tele-hook , he nevertheless regrets having been on duty during the 8th season . That year, the dancer had ' less affinity with the cast and teachers “, he explained. He had expressed his wish to leave the Star Academy after the 6th season, but the producer Alexia Laroche-Joubert had asked him to stay until the end.

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Kamel Ouali saved Elodie Frégé (or almost)

It is thanks to him that Elodie Frege is on the front of the stage today. During the first casting of the third season, Kamel Ouali saw a young woman ' poorly made up ' and ' badly dressed “. It was about Elodie Frégé.” Elodie Frégé passes and everyone decides not to hold her, except me. I immediately tell my comrades, 'Watch out, hang in there! She is good that girl !' But they really weren't thrilled, they were like, 'But no Kamel, forget that girl, it's not worth it.' I insisted and they accepted that she pass the second round of casting “, he recalled in Current wife . Fortunately, the young woman was then selected… and won the third season of tele-hook!

What happened to Kamel Ouali after Star Ac'?

In 2005, he created his first musical, The sun King , plus Cleopatra a 2009, a Dracula in 2012. From 2015 to 2017, Kamel Ouali was a juror on the show France has an unbelievable talent . In 2019, he became choreographer of the new revue L'Oiseau Paradis du Paradis Latin , with Iris Mittenaere on display.

Kamel Ouali became a dad

If he stays discreet about his private life , Kamel Ouali recently announced that he was became the father of a little boy named Rock , now almost a year old. ' It turns a life upside down, but it's extraordinary, it's only love (...) Since very very young I wanted to be a dad. And I never took the leap. I always told myself that now was not the time “, he had revealed in Telematin . And if he named his son that, it was to allude to the expression ' solid as a rock '.

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Kamel Ouali, juror of DALS?

Kamel Ouali was offered to take on the role of sworn in the first season of Dance with the stars , but it has refuse the offer. ' Simply because I didn't feel legitimate in ballroom dancing, it's really not my style. I felt that I didn't really belong in this program. Now there are modern things and dances of all styles. The show has really evolved “, he explained to Current wife .

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