Justine, the Picardy candidate for Best Pastry Chef 2022

Justine is one of the 16 candidates for the Best Pastry Chef 2022. This pharmacist from Amiens will use all her creativity to surprise the jury.

  Justine, the Picardy candidate for Best Pastry Chef 2022

Justine is a 31-year-old pharmacist from Amiens. Fan of pastries and flowers, the young woman will surely impress her competitors and the jurors of the Best Pastry Chef with its floral cakes.

What is his background?

When she was younger, Justine wanted to become a lawyer or a florist, but the young woman finally opted for pharmaceuticals. After six years of study and four years of work, she still feels just as good in this non-routine and dynamic profession, she explains to us.

To compensate for the very intellectual side of her job, Justine likes baking in her free time. Creative and manual, the young thirty-year-old imagines gourmet cakes for her family and colleagues. It is also by posting a few on social networks that Justine is spotted by a caster from M6. ' I thought it was a fake account ', she remembers laughing. Although very busy with her professional life and her personal projects, Justine still decides to try the adventure. A way for her to challenge herself and show her pastry skills.

His universe in pastry

Justine's first memories of baking date back to her childhood, during Sunday meals with her grandparents. The smell of apple pies of his grandmother pushed him to continue this family tradition until today. Over time, the young woman improved her technique by drawing from the books and blogs she found. For her, baking is a moment of relaxation and love, ' it's the moment when I let go, I let my imagination run wild ', she explains. Fan of flowers, Justine loves to create pastries on this theme. ' I like to bring a floral visual or edible flowers (…) there is an infinity of possibilities, visuals, colors ', she explains. And her cakes are unique: she never makes the same one twice! Her favorite pastries? Paris-Brest and pistachio-orange blossom tart!

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What is Justine's Instagram of Best Pastry Chef?

I bought Justine's Instagram ( @justine_lmp11 ) makes it possible to realize all the creativity of the young woman. From the first glance, we recognize Justine's touch with its flowery patterns. Cakes and photographs are perfectly mastered and make us want to serve ourselves! His Instagram account is a real call to gluttony, do not go there on an empty stomach!

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