Julien Lepers turns 73: his real name, his children, Cloclo, DALS, his hidden talent...

Julien Lepers turns 73 on August 12. The former host of 'Questions Pour un Champion' had a difficult childhood, he was flirted with by Claude François, composed the successes of Herbert Léonard and Sylvie Vartan and even entered politics. His secrets, his traumas, his departure from France3, his family... great, let's go!

  Julien Lepers turns 73: his real name, his children, Cloclo, DALS, his hidden talent...

I am an emblematic animator of the PAF, one of the creators of Questions for a champion and the old ' Mr Hit Parade 'I am, I am, I am... Julien Lepers ! The former presenter of the France 3 game show turns 73 on August 12, 2022 .
Ousted from the animation of Questions for a champion in 2016, Julien Lepers has more than one trick up his sleeve! Did you know that this music lover had composed songs for Herbert Léonard and Sylvie Vartan , that he had been hit on by Claude Francois and that he had had a short political career ?

The latest information on Julien Lepers

Secrets of Julien Lepers, one of the icons of French television

-His real name is Ronan Gerval Lepers .

-Julien Lepers is the son of conductor and architect Raymond Lepers and the singer Maria Rémusat . His grandfather is the painter Claude Rémusat.

- He was born on August 12, 1949 in Paris, but he spent his childhood in Antibes. Julien Lepers then studied at the boarding school in Sorèze Abbey , in the Tarn, but suffers from almost constant absence of his parents s. ' Me, my parents were artists, they were always on the road . I happened to spend an entire term away from them. I see myself again, alone, in the deserted playground. I don't want to make people cry in the cottages, but I have Lack of affection and I suffered a lot “, he confided to Closer .

- After his baccalaureate, he obtains his Law degree at the University of Nice. But his real passion is music. So Julien Lepers embarks on a radio host contest organized by Jean-Pierre Foucault for RMC , at Monaco. A competition which he wins and thanks to which he is guaranteed a place within the station . It then becomes the ' Mister Hit Parade ' from the radio, revealing the ranking of the titles of the moment.

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- So that Julien Lepers plays his titles on the radio, Claude Francois in person regularly makes advances to him. 'He came to see me every summer. He absolutely wanted to be number 1, beat Johnny, France Gall. So he came to flirt with me . He invited me to lunch, I was 23-24 years old, but I was dumbfounded “, he entrusted to the microphone of Europe 1 .

- It was in 1975 that Julien Lepers made his first appearance on a television show, Ring Parade - System Two on Antenna 2, presented by Guy Lux.

- Julien Lepers, self-taught pianist, continues to devote part of his time to music. In 1978 and 1979 he records two 45s , with, among others, the titles I love you too much and Back from holidays .

- Against all odds, he composes several songs for Herbert Leonard including his tubes For pleasure and Crazy lovers. He is also the composer of several pieces of Sylvie Vartan or Michel Delpech .

-Then, in the years 1980, the young aspiring animator officiates on television s to have gone, sur la TSR in the show Wholeheartedly. In 1986, Julien Lepers was chosen to present Telematin , on Antenne 2, replacing William Leymergie,

- Definitely a jack-of-all-trades, Julien Lepers dives into the Politics . In 1981, the man who was at the time campaign leader for the RPR party, became candidate for the legislative elections in the constituency of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon . He is heavily beaten by the PS mayor of Saint-Pierre, Albert Pen.

- In 1988, when he was 39, Julien Lepers' career took off thanks to his new role as game show presenter, Questions for a champion .

- Julien Lepers is the father of Lorraine and William , born in 1993 and 1998. His daughter is also a polyglot: she speaks English, Spanish and Chinese fluently.
' I try to give them all the means so that they evolve well in their lives. I teach them good manners but it is not always easy because they are two personalities and the profession of parenting is not simple (…) I am very attentive with my children “, he had explained to Paris here .

- In 1994, the animator was sentenced for fraud tax and received a one-year suspended prison sentence and a fine of 150,000 francs. It is temporarily replaced at the presentation of Questions for a champion by Vincent Perrot. But quickly, the tax services admit their mistake and Julien Lepers is cleared.

- After 28 years of good and loyal service, Julien Lepers is ejected from his position as host . On January 7, 2016, France3 confirms in a press conference that the one who was believed to be unstoppable at the presentation of Questions for a champion will be replaced by Samuel Etienne from February 2016.

- The pill is hard to swallow for Julien Lepers, who hardly has the opportunity to greet viewers and bow out with dignity . ' I leave Questions for a champion reluctantly and death in the soul (…) Death in the soul because an audience is not just numbers. They are also men and women of all ages, from all social and cultural backgrounds, who have given me 28 years of loyalty and recognition. They are my whole life. I have never been inspired except by the respect and affection I have for them. It was not given to me greet them before leaving , nor my team “, he declared in a forum at the HuffPost .

- In the same year, he is a contestant of the seventh season of Dance with the stars . His partner is dancer Silvia Notargiacomo, with whom he placed eighth (out of eleven) in the competition.

- In January 2018, he was part of the jury for the election of Miss Prestige National 2018 .

- Since his ouster, Julien Lepers don't look anymore Questions for a champion . ' Is I have no vocation for masochism ! I'm not a masochist, I know this show and I invented its title: Questions for a champion. I even remember where it was, in Paris, in a restaurant. I don't wanna hurt myself, so I don't watch this show ', he confided, annoyed and obviously upset at the idea of ​​​​raising this subject, on the show The Luxury Moment , on Non Stop People .

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