Julien Bayou accused of violence against his ex-girlfriend: Sandrine Rousseau makes serious accusations

While Adrien Quatennens has withdrawn from La France insoumise after confessing that he had slapped his wife, it is a new case of violence against women that is shaking the political sphere. Accused of psychological violence on his ex-girlfriend, the boss of EELV Julien Bayou is accused by Sandrine Rousseau of 'behavior likely to break the moral health of women'.

  Julien Bayou accused of violence against his ex-girlfriend: Sandrine Rousseau makes serious accusations

More than ever, the time has come to free women's voices. While the political class is not spared by a flood of revelations about reprehensible behavior, it is now the elected ecologist and unsuccessful candidate in the last regional elections in Ile-de-France, Julien Bayou, to be at the heart of a dirty business. Sandrine Rousseau, also elected essential of EELV, did not hesitate to speak out publicly against her comrade to denounce his behavior.

Julien Bayou in the viewfinder a few days after Adrien Quatennens

After seizing the Adrien Quatennens affair on social networks, it was a message from the feminist collective @NousToutesOrg which set the fire to the powder on Monday September 19, 2022 on social networks. Under the hashtag #Relevéféministe, the collective challenged on Twitter the sexist and sexual violence unit of Europe Écologie Les Verts: ' Hello @EELV , the VSS cell was seized in July after accusations of violence committed by @julienbayou on his ex-girlfriend . How to make sure activists are safe? No action seems to have been taken, why? #ReleveFeministe “, could we read.

What do we blame Julien Bayou for?

This Julien Bayou affair pointed out by the feminist collective @NousToutesOrg seemed to have gone almost unnoticed in July when the national secretary of environmentalists was targeted internally by a report of his ex-partner for gender-based and sexual violence . In an interview given to Figaro , number 1 of EELV ensured: ' Unfortunately, this is a story that ends in suffering, and a break that is accompanied by barely veiled threats against me and a form of instrumentalization that I can only deplore. '. Julien Bayou also declared: ' A resentment that she does not hide since she clearly wrote to me, three days after having seized the internal commission of EELV: ' Worry. I will come back and strong. (…) The fall will be painful.' '

Sandrine Rousseau makes revelations about Julien Bayou and evokes a suicide attempt

After going around social networks on Monday evening, the Julien Bayou affair was commented on later in the evening by Sandrine Rousseau, guest on the set of the program C à vous on France 5. The deputy for the 13th arrondissement of Paris recounts having received at her home for a very long time the ex-companion of Julien Bayou. ' I think there are behaviors that are indeed likely to break the moral health of women (…) Obviously they are several , I only heard one testimony. A journalistic investigation seems to be underway “, she related.

According to the elected ecologist, Julien Bayou's ex-girlfriend was ' really bad and depressed. She also attempted suicide a few weeks later. '. Asked about a possible resignation of Julien Bayou within EELV, Sandrine Rousseau replied: ' This is one of the questions that will come to the table. We'll see. Step by step. “For now, AFP reports that Julien Bayou is unreachable. No doubt he is preparing his response.

' The investigation and sanction unit against sexual and gender-based violence was seized this summer and is doing its job (...) Among ecologists, no questions are avoided ', told AFP the number 2 of EELV and deputy Sandra Regol. The official argued that Julien Bayou observed a period of withdrawal pending the conclusions of the internal cell .

Source journaldesfemmes.fr