Julien Bayou accused of psychological violence: the verdict of the investigation has fallen

The ex-boss of EELV, Julien Bayou, had been accused of serious offenses by Sandrine Rousseau last September. The investigation unit that had been opened has just delivered its conclusions...

  Julien Bayou accused of psychological violence: the verdict of the'enquête est tombé

[Updated February 2, 2022, at 10:45 a.m.] The folder Julien Bayou is closed. At least, that's what the investigation and sanction unit on harassment and sexual and gender-based violence of EELV said on February 1, AFP reported. While the green MP is accused of psychological violence on an ex-companion since Sandrine Rousseau made allegations live on the set of C to you last September, the cell said it had no could not have ' carry out his investigation ' . And for good reason...

' The initial hearing (of the ex-companion), the starting point of the investigation, could not take place (...) No one else entered the cell about Julien Bayou “, explained the party in a press release. And to specify: “ This situation is obviously not satisfactory for anyone and we regret the difficult human consequences that this procedure and its media exposure may have had. '. Remember that since September 2022, Julien Bayou had been temporarily removed of his posts as national secretary of EELV and co-president of the group of environmental deputies, while the investigation unfolded.

Julien Bayou: what Sandrine Rousseau reproaches him for

In October 2022, Julien Bayou, who had been silent for several days after the release of a press release, participated in the show It's up to you , on France 5. He had decided to deliver his version of the facts and, above all, to attack Sandrine Rousseau, initiator of the media lynching in which he now finds himself.

The case of Julien Bayou, elected environmentalist and unsuccessful candidate in the last regional elections in Ile-de-France, has experienced a rebound since he was publicly lynched on TV by his party comrade, the very divisive Sandrine Rousseau, who brought heavy charges against him based on private statements; accusing him in particular of moral harassment . A media justice that is debating. The newspaper Release published an investigation on Friday October 2, 2022, revealing that Julien Bayou was in the crosshairs of a group of women before finding himself having to withdraw from the party…

Julien Bayou finally comes out of silence, he confides in C à vous

After the serious revelations about her from her counterpart Sandrine Rousseau on September 19 on the set of It's up to you , the ecologist deputy Julien Bayou has finally decided to break the silence. It was on the same set that he decided to speak on October 4, 2022. With a serious face, the former co-president of the environmental group in the National Assembly immediately laid the foundations for his television intervention: ' I come here backwards, hope to close the loop ', he confessed. Before continuing while often searching for his words: ' I'm in a situation, it's Kafka: I'm being accused of things that aren't wrong ( …) Accusations for which I am immediately found guilty, however they are not presented to me and I cannot defend myself against them. I am innocent of facts that are not presented to me '.

Julien Bayou VS Sandrine Rousseau: war is declared

The response is therefore organized on the side of Julien Bayou who immediately denounced the attitude ' irresponsible ' by Sandrine Rousseau. ' It's irresponsible to reveal someone's psychological state on prime time, to make accusations without substantiating them. I really think it's gone too far “, he declared before also contesting the accusations of psychological violence against his ex-companion. Without wanting to go into the details of this affair which he considers private, the deputy explained that the suicide attempt of his ex-girlfriend, who has therefore recently been revealed, had occurred ' almost a year after their separation “and that he had participated in calling for help.

The lawyer of the former companion of Julien Bayou speaks

The day after this highly anticipated speech, the lawyer for the ex-companion of the ecologist deputy, Me Élodie Tuaillon-Hibon, stepped up to the microphone of Franceinfo. On October 5, 2022, she denounced a ' instrumentalization to victimize yourself and try to hide one of your opponents ' obviously talking about his ultra-media clash with Sandrine Rousseau. According to her, Julien Bayou wants ' pressure to intervene on the cell (internal for the fight against sexist and sexual violence, editor's note)'. And to the visibly uplifted lawyer to conclude: ' If he really had the respect he claims for victims, for women and for his ex-girlfriend, he wouldn't do that. '. To date, no complaint has been filed against the ex-boss of the EELV group.

On Franceinfo, Me Élodie Tuaillon-Hibon considered that this choice belonged to her client. She nevertheless stressed that this one was not going ' not good ' and clarified that he did not know if 'She will still have the shoulders, the strength and the will to go to court and endure a campaign that will no doubt be more important '.

In a press release, the lawyer also announced that his client seized the internal body of the party responsible for investigating gender-based and sexual violence . She agrees to be heard' under certain conditions ensuring the security of the testimonies.

Liberation claims that Julien Bayou was under surveillance!

According Release , Julien Bayou, who disputes the accusations of psychological violence against an ex-companion, lived for three years under the pressure of a collective feminist informal who criticized him for his conduct and investigated his relationships with women , going so far as to question her former companions. The daily reports that one of the women members of the cell responsible for processing reports of sexual and gender-based violence in the party, and which is currently investigating the case of Julien Bayou, is also part of this informal group that has targeted the private life of the party. deputy for Paris.

According to Sandrine Rousseau, who publicly accused Julien Bayou on television ' it's not a cell, it's an informal group of women who talk to each other. Women have the right to talk to each other and they have the right to protect themselves and until justice does, there is nothing wrong with that. '. The internal cell of EELV had self-seized an investigation into Julien Bayou in July after an email from his ex-companion, from whom he separated in November 2021. The deputy for Paris also approved the fact that Julien Bayou - who has resigned as national secretary of Europe-Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV) - ' do not speak on behalf of the environmental group e' during the time of the investigation, justifying this silence on behalf of ' the protection of the parole des femmes. '

Shocked by the content of this survey, Eva Joly - ex-eco candidate for the presidential election - banged her fist on the table: ' I have been criticized a lot for being too radical, but the end does not justify the means. These actions outside of any framework serve the cause they are supposed to advance and are dangerous for the very ones we claim to protect. The fight against patriarchy obviously passes through the liberation of speech, not through such distractions. '

As for Yannick Jadot, guest of BFMTV, he felt that Julien Bayou did not have to resign but just to step back: ' From the moment the cell has not returned its work, we do not have to sanction, in the absence of a complaint and even though the accused person has not been able to defend himself “, he pointed out.

Julien Bayou asked to shut up and not defend himself?

The elected ecologist sent a letter to party members, confirming his resignation as secretary. ' It is with great emotion that I resign from this function after more than nine years of commitment to the direction of the movement (...) I am accused of facts which are not presented to me, of which my accusers say that they are not criminally reprehensible, and of which I cannot therefore defend myself, since they refuse to hear me. . It's Kafka in the age of social networks', he writes . In his letter, he justifies this double withdrawal by a 'untenable situation' and one 'deleterious context which prevents any discernment.'

Julien Bayou in the viewfinder after Adrien Quatennens

After seizing the Adrien Quatennens affair on social networks, it was a message from the feminist collective @NousToutesOrg which set the fire to the powder on Monday September 19, 2022 on social networks. Under the hashtag #Relevéféministe, the collective challenged on Twitter the sexist and sexual violence unit of Europe Écologie Les Verts: ' Good morning @EELV , the VSS cell was seized in July after accusations of violence committed by @julienbayou on his ex-girlfriend . How to make sure activists are safe? No action seems to have been taken, why? #ReleveFeministe “, could we read.

What do we blame Julien Bayou for?

This Julien Bayou affair pointed out by the feminist collective @NousToutesOrg seemed to have gone almost unnoticed in July when the national secretary of environmentalists was targeted internally by a report of his ex-partner for gender-based and sexual violence . In an interview given to Figaro , number 1 of EELV ensured: ' Unfortunately, this is a story that ends in suffering, and a break that is accompanied by barely veiled threats against me and a form of instrumentalization that I can only deplore. '. Julien Bayou also declared: ' A resentment that she does not hide since she clearly wrote to me, three days after having seized the internal commission of EELV: ' Worry. I will come back and strong. (…) The fall will be painful.' '

Sandrine Rousseau makes revelations about Julien Bayou and evokes a suicide attempt

After going around social networks, the Julien Bayou affair was commented on by Sandrine Rousseau, guest on the set of the show It's up to you on France 5. The deputy of the 13th arrondissement of Paris recounts having received at her home the ex-companion of Julien Bayou for a very long time. ' I think there are behaviors that are indeed likely to break the moral health of women (…) Obviously they are several , I only heard one testimony. A journalistic investigation seems to be underway “, she related.

According to the elected ecologist, Julien Bayou's ex-girlfriend was ' really bad and depressed. She also attempted suicide a few weeks later. '. Asked about a possible resignation of Julien Bayou within EELV, Sandrine Rousseau then replied: ' This is one of the questions that will come to the table. We'll see. Step by step. '

' The investigation and sanction unit against sexual and gender-based violence was seized this summer and is doing its job (...) Among ecologists, no questions are avoided ', indicated to AFP the number 2 of EELV and deputy Sandra Regol. The person in charge had argued that Julien Bayou observed a period of withdrawal pending the conclusions of the internal cell .

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