Julia Vignali collapsed and in tears live in Télématin: what happened?

We know Julia Vignali for her good humor and her radiant smile. But it happens to him to let a few tears escape, as on the program 'Télématin' of November 22. She cracked up on the air.

  Julia Vignali collapsed and in tears live in Télématin: que s'est-il passé ?

From Monday to Thursday, Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto sunny France 2 with Telematin . A program that we take pleasure in watching and which welcomed the presenter in August 2021. A pair that seems to work wonderfully and that gets along very well. 'With him, I'm not afraid of anything. I'm learning a lot from him. For my part, I don't think I have much to teach him. Maybe my innate coolness?', said the companion of Kard Merad, at Entertainment TV . On the plateau there is also a very relaxed and family atmosphere. In short, working conditions could not be better. So why did the host burst into tears November 22, 2022 ?

Julia Vignali: moved by a special guest, she starts crying

On the set of Telematin , the time is generally for laughter and relaxation. Moreover, the pair has no secrets from each other. This is how Julia Vignali confided in doing the show in… slippers. 'There is a lot of complicity between us. He (Thomas Sotto, editor's note) cannot believe that I host Télématin in slippers . He calls me 'lady slippers'. I keep my pumps under the table, and put them back on when I have to get up or go to the sofa to interview the artists' , she revealed. But lately, the beautiful brunette has left her beautiful smile on her side to let it flow a few tears .

Indeed, during the broadcast of November 22, the duo received a very special woman... Unknown to the general public, she arrived all smiles, on the red armchair. The public finally understands that it is about their make-up artist, Brigitte, who bids farewell. So it was ' her last Télématin because she will not retire but take a step back ', clarified Julia Vignali. This makeup artist also seemed very moved to say goodbye to her team. The emotion could not therefore be contained, on the side of the presenter and Thomas Sotto, who did not refrain from dropping a little joke: 'Without Brigitte and her colleagues, we no longer look like anything in the morning'.

Julia Vignali: the blooming animator on the private side

The host and her companion the actor Kad Merad experience perfect love and experience what many other couples experience: the blended family. The host is the proud mother of Luigi , 16 years old, from a former union. For his part, Kad Merad is the father of young Khalil. 'We're almost 100 years old between us. We're an old couple , but we are lucky to be a young couple in our heads. So let's take advantage of this new youth that love brings us, but it's not going to result in a new birth. No announcement on the horizon' , she assured Gala .

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