Julia Piaton in Les Engagés: 'My mom gave me a lot of good advice' (EXCLUDED)

Julia Piaton, who moves us in Emilie Frèche's sensitive film 'Les Engagés', in theaters on November 16, gave an interview to the 'Journal des Femmes'. Her career, her famous mother, her commitments, her 'mom hen' side... Confidences.

  Julia Piaton in Les Engagés: 'My mom m'a donné beaucoup de bons conseils" (EXCLU)

Julia Piaton is at the same time moving, authentic and sensitive in The Committed , by Emilie Frèche, in theaters November 16 . In this feature film, the actress plays opposite Benjamin Lavernhe, member of the Comédie-Française. This one portrays the role of a man touched by the story of a migrant he takes under his wing. Quickly, his commitment takes an increasingly important place in his life, his daily life, his love affair with Gabrielle, the character full of nuances played brilliantly by Julia Piaton. The 37-year-old actress confides in this role, her commitments, her life as a child of the ball, her relationship with her famous mother Charlotte de Turckheim and the (surprising) role she would dream of playing...

Le Journal des Femmes: What convinced you to accept this scenario?
Julia Piaton:
I read the script very quickly, I was immediately interested in the action she took on this couple who find themselves faced with a very concrete situation of commitment. We are on a question which is both a major political theme of our century, but which is at the same time approached with a very human prism.

What captivated you about the character of Gabrielle?
I really liked the way she wrote the character of Gabrielle, an everyday woman with her children, who is entangled in a divorce that does not go well, as it can happen to millions of people. She finds herself with a man who wants to get involved, she's also thinking about it, but at the same time, she risks losing custody of her children… I thought it smart to subject the commitment to a very daily life. This allows us to ask the question: what does engagement entail?

What brings you closer to your character?
First, the fact that she is a bit of a mother hen. Her children are the center of her universe, and inevitably, that speaks to me too. She is also a very loving mother. Also, I noticed that I shared a characteristic with Gabrielle: in general, I find it difficult to keep things to myself. I need to express when something isn't working or I don't understand it. So in her relationship with David, I like the fact that Gabrielle expresses her disagreement so quickly, she makes her way, she tries to verbalize. This sensitive personality, in search of something, touches me. I do not feel firm on my achievements, but rather often in reflection.

“I am a real child of the ball”

Would you define yourself as committed?
I try to be a good person for me, my family, my children. It's important to me to do good first in this circle. Afterwards, I have other personal initiatives, but in which I never involve myself as much as I would like. Is it because I give myself excuses? I certainly tell myself that I'm running out of time with the job I have, my son I have to take care of, etc. Sometimes I manage to push through and take the time to help others. And then there are times when, for long periods of time, I get caught up in everyday life again. But let's not blame ourselves too much!

You are the daughter of actress and director Charlotte de Turckheim. Did the urge to act come from your childhood?
I'm a real ball child, I grew up with it. I accompanied my mother on tour, she carried us around with her, we slept on theater seats… But suddenly, for me, it was an environment that was almost too family-like. As a teenager, I had the impression that I had to stand out from that, find my way and make my own way. I really liked letters, so I studied literature for four years after the baccalaureate. Very quickly, I was overtaken by fate because I felt that I liked to write, of course, but above all to tell stories. I realized that this daily life with my mother had structured me enormously... and that it was perhaps not worth wanting at all costs to do differently!

“We always end up looking like our mother”

Did you feel any extra pressure in the business, as a child of the ball?
Yes, frankly. But I think I put it on myself a bit. It is difficult for all children who enter the same profession as their parents, especially when they have succeeded. We are waiting for you around the corner. But this is where you have to detach yourself from their image and say to yourself: I'm not going to be the duplicate of this person who preceded me in existence, I'm going to try to make my way. It doesn't matter if she's worse...she's different!

Do you seek advice from your mother in your career?
Yes and it is a great wealth for me. I love chatting with her. I love my mom very much, she gave me a lot of good advice, mainly in my life as a woman. We always end up looking like our mother anyway (laughs).

'I have long dreamed of playing Marie-Antoinette'

What kind of role would you like to play now?
For a long time, I dreamed of playing the role of Marie-Antoinette, during the four days of her trial. I found the destiny of this woman, this mother who defends herself, extraordinary... But overall, I feel lucky at the moment because I have found a real balance between the requests I make and what I receive.

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