Jordy Turns 35: His Real Name, Kids, Money, What Happened to Him... Everything You Need to Know!

What has become of Jordy, nearly 30 years after his heyday? This January 14, 2023, the young man celebrates (already) his 35th birthday! We tell you everything he knows about the former child star of show business…

  Jordy turns 35: his real name, his children, the'argent, ce qu'il est devenu... tout ce qu'il faut savoir !

hard hard to be a baby...singer . Who does not remember the recognizable voice among a thousand of Jordy ? For the former toddler-star, the consecration came when he took off his diapers. Barely four years old and six million records sold. A rather incredible record! The old singer lead a peaceful life , a far cry from the hustle and bustle of fame. This January 14, 2023, Jordy turns 35 . We take stock of his private life and his career.

Jordy as a couple: he became a father!

Jordan, de his real name Jordy Lemoine became second time dad in November 2020. Sur Instagram, sa companion Marion Le Strat (presented as such by Purepeople , the singer having never given an interview on the subject) , programmer at RTL9 , announced the birth of their baby Marceau, Milo's little brother, born October 9, 2017 . Filled as a father, Jordy Lemoine prefers to live in the shadows.

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Where does Jordy live?

Jordy is certainly silent, but social networks speak for him. If we are to believe the publications of the mother of his children, the ex-singer lives in Paris. It is in the 12th arrondissement of the capital that the young woman locates several of her intimate photos.

Jordy, his squandered money: his father accused

After winning the second season of Farm Celebrities , in 2006, 14 years after the release of Very hard to be a baby , he attempted a back to the front of the music scene releasing a single titled I'll teach you , more the piece did not conquer the public. He then published his autobiography, titled I am no longer a baby ... and confided openly in the pangs of his (young) celebrity.

In this book, he recounted that his father had spent almost all the money which he had earned when he was still a minor. ' Where did the heritage he reserved for me go? In that lavish Miami house we lived in for a while, with its swimming pool, yacht, Porsche, and limo? Or in these premises rented at a loss on the beautiful avenue of Miami, which were to become an international recording studio and which only ever served to maintain its chimeras? What remains of this thirty-hectare castle, with the farm that bore my name and 'my' incredible animals' , he was surprised when he discovered at 18 that there was not much left of the pecune that was reserved for him.

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Jordy et la justice

A few years later, his father, whom he had called ' liar' and ' manipulator ' had explained to Closer where did his son's money go? With his mother, we have everything invested in Jordy's image. Jordy's farm was to maintain his image. I've been criticized for stories of limos, bodyguards: everything I've done, I've done to maintain a family affair '.

In 2009, however, Jordy Lemoine had launched a lawsuit against his former record company, Sony BMG ... which had allowed him to pocket 820,000 euros , ie the amount accumulated during his years of glory and which he did not receive after his majority.

What happened Jordy?

Thanks to this beautiful jackpot , the former singer was able to pass his baccalaureate, embarked on a sound training and even has founded his own production company Dur Dur Productions . He had also attempted a return to music by joining the group Jordy & The Dixies and released a new album titled Twenty Age ... But there again, the success was not at the rendezvous.

Jack-of-all-trades, Jordy was also tried at comedy . In the 2000s, he had played the role of the son of Louis Lacroix, camped by Roméo Sarfati, in Under the sun , before making an appearance in the scripted-reality produced by Julien Courbet, The day everything changed , in 2012. But his pursuit of fame ended there. The lights of the projectors, he knew them as a child. From now on, it is with his family that he prefers to carry out a life in discretion ...