Jonathann Daval 'gets along very well' with serial killer Guy Georges: mind-blowing secrets from his mother

Martine Henry, mother of Jonathann Daval, says her son gets along well with serial killer Guy Georges. While she was invited on the set of TPMP, her passage caused a lot of talk…

  Jonathann Daval's'entend très bien" avec le tueur en série Guy Georges : confidences hallucinantes de sa mère

Martine Henry, the mother of Jonathann Daval , imprisoned for strangled his wife Alexia , is ' not worried at all ' for his son, who is nevertheless detained in the prison of Ensisheim, in the Haut-Rhin, where many famous criminals are imprisoned, such as Nordahl Lelandais, Francis Heaulme or Guy Georges, serial killer sentenced in 2001 for seven murders.” He gets along very well with Guy Georges . I didn't expect that, let's say,' she let go with a small smile, at the microphone of RTL , this November 17.

Martine Henry in TPMP: scandalized viewers

Guest on the set of Do not touch My TV this November 18, the mother of Jonathann Daval confided to Cyril Hanouna that her son had already made him hints of his guilt , at a time when the police were still looking for the murderer of Alexia Daval. ' Jonathann often told me 'You know Mom, it's always the husband the murderer, one day they will come and get me ' . And then I told him ' No, it's not possible, it's not you'' , she said.

But according to Internet users, Cyril Hanouna has somewhat skidded by receiving Martine Henry. If some did not appreciate that the mother of a murderer was invited on the set, others were rather indignant at the use of a term. While Cyril Hanouna asked her if, for her, her son was ' a good person ', she replied: ' My son used to be a good person... .” And the host hastened to finish his sentence: “ Before the bullshit '. A word that outraged many viewers. 'Bullshit? No it's a murder it's very shocking it looks like the roles are reversed Jonathan Daval is not a victim but a murderer', was indignant in particular a Twittos.

Martine Henry 'will never leave' her son

Martine Henry continues to visit her son in the visiting room every two weeks. ' We brought children into the world, I carried it nine months in my belly, I will never let it go . You can't deny your child “, she explained to seven to eight , in a report broadcast on November 13. ' We spend the weekend there, it's our routine. At first it was complicated because he had lost a lot of weight, you would have thought a skeleton . And then there was the apprehension and the fear of entering an establishment like that, it was very hard. Now we got used to it, it's our life “, she detailed.

Martine Henry 'didn't want to admit' her son's crime

Almost five years have passed since the young man has been in prison, and yet Jonathann Daval's mother still cannot believe that her son could have killed his wife. ' More than once he tried to tell me, and then I cut him off all the time saying, 'no, stop, that's not you, don't say that'. I didn't want to admit it . In my head, it wasn't him because Jonathann was never violent “, she confided, moved.

Martine Henry: her tense relationship with Alexia Daval

Martine Henry releases her book on November 17, Me, mum of Jonathann , in which she gives her point of view as the mother of a man guilty of murder. A crime she will never be able to imagine: ' We can't, it's torture '. Jonathann Daval's mother regrets not having tried more to understand her son before the murder. She would have liked to be kept informed of the couple problems he had with his wife . Could she have changed things? She is sure of it.

' However, he would come and sleep at the house until midnight and he would say, 'I'll wait for her to sleep and then I'll come home'. When I asked him, 'why?', he didn't answer. I didn't want to get involved because I knew Alexia was going to take it badly. “, she recalled. Her relationship with her daughter-in-law was rather tense: ' We are very simple people, and then Alexia, it's more haughty, we'll say. And she was never shy to show it to us '.

Jonathann Daval, in a gay couple with a fellow prisoner? His mother reacts

The Daval affair continues... on sentimental grounds. According to a specialized journalist, Jonathann Daval would indeed ' found love in prison with a boy a little older than him '. The 38-year-old man finds himself once again at the heart of the news. Indeed, in the Monday, September 19, 2022 issue of the magazine Star TV, the journalist specialized in various facts Dominique Rizet made revelations as unexpected as shattering about the murderer. He claims that whoever killed his wife in October 2017 would have ' found love in prison '. Most, through his mother, the principal concerned wanted to deny .

Jonathann Daval, homosexual and in love with a man? He answers !

While the rumor is racing, Jonathann Daval claimed that all of this is false. And it was through the voice of his mother, Martine Henry, that he denied this information: he is neither homosexual nor in a relationship. ' Jonathann assures me that it is false! He does not see where it can come from “, informed the mother of the detainee to the site of The Republican East . Martine Henry added that she is afraid for her son, ' fear for his life, fear of being attacked for something that does not exist '. She asks that we leave her son ' calm '... Same story on the side of his lawyer, Me Randall Schwerdorffer, who indicated on BFMTV that his client wanted to have ' a right to be forgotten '.

Jonathann Daval in a relationship with 'a boy older than him'?

' I have a scoop for you that I have from a reliable source: Jonathann Daval has found love again in prison ', had assured the journalist Dominique Rizet on BFMTV. On the news channel, he had affirmed that the one who is currently serving his sentence at the central house of Ensisheim, in the Haut-Rhin, would be in a relationship with ' a boy a little older than him with whom he lives a story of prisoners '. ' A new life starts ', he concluded his speech. Data which, according to the specialist, could well reshuffle the cards and shed a whole new light on this highly publicized affair. Indeed, until then, Jonathann Daval, who was sentenced on November 21, 2019 to 25 years of criminal imprisonment without possible adjustment of sentence for having strangled his wife Alexia on the night of October 27 to 28, 2017, has always denied his supposed repressed homosexuality .

Alexia's mother reacts

Interviewed on the same channel, Randall Schwerdorffer, Jonathann Daval's lawyer, defended respect for his client's privacy and asked for the implementation of the ' right to be forgotten' . Journalist Dominique Rizet also said he spoke with the parents of the victim, Alexia Daval. He first claimed that they were ' surprise s'. Before revealing the content of a text message exchanged with Isabelle Fouillot, Alexia's mother. ' He was just looking for the comfort of our family ', she would have first written. Before adding: ' I don't know why he got married. When you get married, it's to create your own family. It feels like yesterday, and we learn more and more '. We have definitely not finished hearing about this dark story.

The Daval Mystery : a telefilm that does not pass

If the parents of the deceased continue to pay tribute to him regularly, in particular with the publication of their book Alexia, our daughter (Ed. Robert Laffont), Marine Henry, the mother of Jonahtann Daval also makes her voice heard. And this one was fiercely opposed to the broadcast of the TV movie The Daval Mystery on TF1. ' My son is not a freak “, she had dropped to The Republican East . Fearing for the safety of her son, the mother of Jonathann Daval had made things clear. ' I don't agree with this movie story, and Jonathann doesn't agree either. I would like all that to stop… We're fed up. Jonathann has been judged, he will serve his sentence, let him be left in peace. It's shameful, it's indecent. Really, we must leave people in peace, and the dead too “, she added cash.