Jonathann Daval as a couple? He would have 'found love in prison', revelations

In its issue to be published on September 19, the magazine 'Télé Star' makes surprising revelations about the love life of Jonathann Daval. Incarcerated for having killed his wife Alexia in October 2017, the man would have “found love in prison”…

  Jonathann Daval as a couple? He would have 'found the'amour en prison", révélations

While TF1 was broadcasting Monday, September 12 The Daval Mystery , a fiction adapted from the famous news item that fascinated the French, the magazine TV Star is about to reveal n New information about the murderer's relationship status. As a reminder, Jonathann Daval (38), was convicted of strangling his wife Alexia on the night of October 27-28, 2017. The day after the murder, he moved the body to a wood and then set it on fire before reporting it missing. The young woman's body was found two days later. For several months, J Onathann Daval was devastated in front of the cameras, before finally confessing everything. Sentenced to 25 years of criminal imprisonment without possible sentence adjustment, he is now imprisoned in Alsace.

'Jonathann Daval found love again in prison'

Against all odds, Jonathann Daval would not have put aside his love life in prison. Quite the contrary! According to journalist Dominique Rizet, a specialist in news items, the murderer is currently in a relationship . ' I have a scoop for you from a reliable source: Jonathann Daval found love again in prison ', he assured in the magazine TV Star on newsstands September 19. If the man lives an idyll from his cell, there is currently no information on the young woman with whom he would have fallen in love. Is it someone from the prison staff? An 'admirer' outside the prison? Mystery...

The Daval Mystery : a telefilm that does not pass

If the parents of the deceased continue to pay tribute to him regularly, in particular with the publication of their book Alexia, our daughter (Ed. Robert Laffont), Marine Henry, the mother of Jonahtann Daval also makes her voice heard. And this one was fiercely opposed to the broadcast of the TV movie The Daval Mystery on TF1. ' My son is not a freak “, she had dropped to The Republican East . Fearing for the safety of her son, the mother of Jonathann Daval had made things clear. ' I don't agree with this movie story, and Jonathann doesn't agree either. I would like all that to stop… We're fed up. Jonathann has been judged, he will serve his sentence, let him be left in peace. It's shameful, it's indecent. Really, we must leave people in peace, and the dead too “, she added cash.