Johnny Hallyday: This man he cowardly abandoned overnight...

The rocker was not always tender. If his wife Laeticia Hallyday has often recounted the difficulties of living alongside such a personality, she was not the only one to be mistreated. This week, in 'Gal', we discover how the singer ended a beautiful friendship in a way that was a bit… rough.

  Johnny Hallyday: This man who'il a lâchement abandonné du jour au lendemain...

The interpreter of the tube Light the fire ignites passions and not always in a good way. He often got angry with his friends. Contrary to what one might imagine, arguments do not always spark. The deceased Taulier was more discreet, there weren't necessarily cries and broken glass. This is no less painful, as evidenced in the magazine Gala (edition of October 20, 2022), a photographer and friend of the rocker for years until finding himself excluded from his life...

Johnny Hallyday and his photographer friend, beautiful relationship before the breakup

From the time of Hi buddies , the official photographer was the famous Jean-Marie Périer. Yet we forget Tony Franck is also one of the pillars of the magazine. He was the singer's photographer for 40 years . They were inseparable according to our colleagues from Gala . They lived next to each other and went on vacation together . His wife did the singer's makeup. A real complicity is tied between the two men to such an extent that Johnny was the godfather of Tony's daughter.

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Johnny Hallyday: a sudden end to their friendship

This agreement ends abruptly in the 2000s, after the marriage with Laeticia. According to the magazine, Tony Franck has no explanation and Johnny cuts off all relationship overnight . This sudden reaction obviously left his friend confused. He didn't get the explanation until years later.

Johnny had used his sidekick as an alibi as he says in Gala . ' While we were in Phoenix, Arizona, stolen photos appeared of Johnny with a girl I didn't know. To justify himself, he said that she was a girlfriend of mine, and I was then accused of bringing girls to him… Fake ! He didn't need me for that, if at all .' Despite this, the man tries to understand his comrade's attitude: ' Looking back, I think he was one of those people who don't dare tell their loved ones things for fear of hurting them. Because of his shyness, a form of cowardice too .'

Johnny Hallyday and his tempestuous conflicts

The artist is famous for getting angry with many friends and has no trouble cutting it off overnight. Michel Sardou paid the price after a joke in bad taste on his daughters Jade and Joy. The interpreter of Connemara Lake apologized, but this did not calm relations between the two singers. Jean-Claude Camus, the star's 30-year producer, had the misfortune to criticize Johnny's surgeon. The last did not appreciate and stopped any friendly, professional relationship from that moment on. Laeticia's husband had a whole and uncompromising temperament which feeds the myth of this monument of French song.