Joëlle (Il Etait Une Fois), died 40 years ago: Passion, Johnny, Drugs, Striptease, Malformation, Depression and Suspicious Death

Joëlle Mogensen died, at only 29 years old, on May 15, 982. The singer of the group 'Once upon a time' will have known love at first sight and marriage proposal at 16 years old, glory, mad love, but also hell of cocaine, heroin and immense loneliness. Secrets of the interpreter of the success 'I still dreamed of her' who turned heads and whose death is, still today, shrouded in mysteries...

  Joëlle (Il Etait Une Fois), died 40 years ago: Passion, Johnny, Drugs, Striptease, Malformation, Depression and Suspicious Death

It's been 30 years since Joëlle Mogensen left this world, died on May 15, 1982 at only 29 years old. Once upon a time... a lovely and sparkling blonde, adored for her talent as for her charisma. But in the story, the singer does not remain happy until the end of time. Discover the secrets of the artist with a broken fate , from its beginnings in a box of strip-tease to the mystery of his death, passing by his successes with the group Once upon a time ...

Joëlle Mogensen studied at the Beaux-arts

Joëlle Choupay-Mogensen was born on February 3, 1953 in Long Island, New York. She's there fille du diplomate de l'Unicef ​​Herbert Mogensen , of Danish origin, and a Franco-Vietnamese mother born in Syria, named Claudia.

Joëlle Mogensen lives in UNITED STATES until he was 7 years old, then went to Denmark with her family. Passionate about music from a young age, the pretty blonde becomes choriste of the radio nationale danoise . Singing is not the only discipline in which she excels, since she is also particularly good at swimming . When she was 16, she moved to France, to Grimaud, in the Var, with her parents. Decidedly endowed with a real artistic fiber, she is part of the Fine Arts of Marseilles .

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Joëlle Mogensen: sa folle rencontre avec Serge Koolenn

While she was singing one summer in St-Tropez, she met two musicians from Michel Polnareff on the terrace of a café, guitarist Serge Koolenn and drummer Richard Dewitte . ' Serge was the fastest and immediately asked for Joëlle in marriage when she was just 16 years old . She said yes for fun. What followed proved that there had been a real thunderbolt between her and him ', remembered Richard Dewitte to Melody TV. The young woman falls under the spell of Serge Koolenn and both live a beautiful holiday love.

But as Laurent Voulzy sings, when the end of summer comes, you have to part ways... The guitarist has to go back to Paris. The separation is heartbreaking , so much so that Joëlle Mogensen decided to join him in the Paris region. The two settle together in a apartment in Colombes, in the Hauts-de-Seine.

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Joëlle Mogensen worked in a strip club in Pigalle

In 1970, while Michel Polnareff no longer had the inspiration to make his musicians work, Serge Koolenn found himself without a job. So, he gets hired in the bar of a Pigalle strip club with Joelle Mogensen. ' We had the idea to do a comedy strip show “, had remembered Serge Koleenn in the emission 7 Deadly Sins . In 1971, the couple formed the group Il Etait Une Fois with Richard Dewitte, Lionel Gaillardin, Bruno Walter and Christian Burguière. The beginning of an adventure...

The following year, the singer won hands down the Future stars contest , organized by Hi buddies and Pathé-Marcon. This victory has the effect of a real career booster for the group, which released a first album, Nothing but a sky. The group multiplies the television appearances, and makes the Salvatore Adamo premiere party at the Olympia, a few years before the unforgettable success of I dreamed of her again .

Joëlle Mogensen snubbed Johnny Hallyday: 'He really cried'

With her undeniable talent, her sparkling smile and her ocean eyes, Joëlle Mogensen ' burst the screen “, remembers Richard Dewitte in the show The keys to a life. ' Everybody was in love with her, it was crazy “, he added. The drummer also said that Johnny Hallyday himself had succumbed to the charm of the singer, when he went on tour with Il Etait Une Fois, in the 70s.

' He made her a true declaration of love . He had an off-white suit, with an extra hat, she told us everything. And he has downright cried . He told him: ' I'm going to leave Sylvie, I'm in love with you' . She was embarrassed, she couldn't send him packing. But he was really in love “, he recalled.

Joëlle Mogensen: Drugs, loneliness... The descent into hell

In 1977, Joëlle made photos of charme for the magazine His . The magazine's sales exploded. But quickly, Once upon a time discover the ransom of glory. While Joëlle Mogensen becomes less and less present for the group, Serge Koolenn take it off for another and Richard Dewitte slams the door of the group . ' We couldn't come to hate each other, but almost “, remembered Richard Dewitte in 7 Deadly Sins . The singer, who yearns for her drummer, falls into depression .

In an attempt to rise to the surface, in 1979, the hypnotic blonde signed a solo contract with Eddie Barclay , thanks to his father, and released the following year his album short Joelle , which met with mixed success.

In 1981, she was chosen to host several numbers of the show All new, all beautiful. But the program does not find its audience. Another failure difficult to bear for Joëlle Mogensen, who sinks into an abyss of dope , alcohol and sadness . ' From the moment the group broke up, she got surrounded by people in this heinous show business who offered her this kind of product for free. ', lamented Serge Koolenn in 7 Deadly Sins.

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Joëlle Mogensen: the mystery of her death

On May 15, 1982, Joëlle had to spend the evening with her sister, but canceled at the last moment. She stays with friends, in an apartment in the 19th arrondissement of Paris... and is there. found dead , victim of a edema acute lung , depending on the autopsy performed.

Despite the autopsy, a mystery surrounds the death of the singer. Some are convinced that Joëlle died of a overdose , others think of a suicide . Richard Dewitte, he has a very precise idea about what could have caused the death of the artist. ' They discovered that she had a heart defect that everyone did not know , including her. She choked in her sleep. She had a bronchitis not neat. It was his sister Katia who told me this: she was coughing up blood , she didn't want to go to the doctor, she was coughing like a sick person. The night she left, she choked “, he said on Melody TV . Serge Koolenn, meanwhile, died in 2015.