Jeremstar and Sheryfa Luna, victims of a violent hostage situation

Jeremstar has revealed he was held hostage along with his friend, singer Sheryfa Luna. A violent attack that marked him for life...

  Jeremstar and Sheryfa Luna, victims of'une violente prise d'otage

Jeremstar, the blogger and TV columnist who became known for his 'bathtub interviews' with reality TV stars will release a book, social media survivor , on October 6th. On this occasion, Jérémy Gisclon, his real name, released a video on his Youtube channel on September 29, he confides in all the harassment he has suffered and the many threats he still receives. Jeremstar even reveals to have been the victim of a hostage-taking.

Jeremstar and Sheryfa Luna 'held hostage'

The columnist confided in the hostage taking of which he was the victim with the singer Sheryfa Luna, famous interpreter of the tube He had the words . He tells : ' I was held hostage by a lunatic in the middle of Paris '. The facts took place in a park in the capital. ' A person jumped on me, she was leaving prison because she planted a bomb in Paris  (...) C it's terrifying to be confronted with someone who tells you that “, said Jeremstar before continuing: “ This person stopped me from leaving for over an hour , in m'accusant of horrible choses (...) Every time I tried to leave he was getting violent '. The blogger and Sheryfa Luna finally managed to escape and ' refugees in a restaurant '. He obviously reported the accident and ' everything was taken very seriously '.

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An aggression that leaves marks

During the hostage-taking, the columnist was frightened: ' C I was the target, I was the target '. He also says: ' Is I even wondered if he had no weapons. It was really very shocking, I still have those pictures , it's a real aggression, there's everything that goes through my head '. Her friend, Sheryfa Luna, was also very shaken by the experience: ' She too was extremely shocked because it happened to us, because really we were held hostage '. The memories are still very painful, Jeremstar confides: ' J 'a i still find it hard to go back to this place '

Why Jeremstar was held hostage

For the blogger, this attack is one consequences of cyberbullying which he suffered, because of ' all these slanders, all these false accusations against me '. He explains : ' This person was convinced that I was a pedophile '. And to add: ' I pass you all the times I was insulted in the street, or I was verbally attacked and the anonymous letters that I regularly receive in my mailbox '.

As a reminder, in 2018, the case JeremstarGate breaks out, the columnist is accused of sexual assault on a minor. Pascal Cardonna, known as Babybel, is accused of offering sex acts in exchange for meeting Jeremstar. In January 2022, Pascal Cardonna was sentenced to two years in prison, including 18 months suspended, while Jeremstar is cleared .