Jennifer Aniston, 54, her 'changed' face surprises internet users

Invited on the show C to you, Jennifer Aniston revealed a face that surprised more than one. And viewers were quick to let it be known…

  Jennifer Aniston, 54, her face"changé" surprend les internautes

At 54, the bubbly Jennifer Aniston is still present in the media. She also plays in the second part of the film Murder Mystery 2 which will be released in theaters on March 31. The opportunity for her and Adam Sandler, her on-screen partner, to do some promotion on the set of the show 'C à vous'. A very noticeable appearance, but not for the right reasons.

Reviews of Jennifer Aniston's physical appearance

The physical appearance of Jennifer Aniston during the show 'C à vous' aroused surprise and questions. On the Internet, viewers have not failed to point out his changed face . Skin drawn and devoid of wrinkles, almost frozen forehead, many suspects the star of having abused the plastic surgery to erase the signs of time. ' This obsession with cosmetic surgery is a disaster... ', ' She doesn't look like anything anymore ' or ' Not a success, plastic surgery! ' reads for example. While others come to his defense: ' His grace is eternal ', ' I must admit that Jennifer is sublime at 54, and does not seem to have seen the scalpel '. An opinion shared by Adam Sandler who responds ' Jennifer is really a very genuine, beautiful, intelligent person... When I walk around with her, not a single person notices me, everyone looks at this beautiful woman!' . when Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine asks her why the whole world loves Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston and cosmetic surgery

Regularly questioned about cosmetic surgery, the actress of Friends gave all the details of his interventions a few years ago. She said she made a rhinoplasty ' to put my nasal septum back in line and help me breathe better '. In an interview with Yahoo Beauty in 2014, Jennifer Aniston specified not to have cracked for injections because she didn't like the result on other women. ' I'm happy to have learned from their mistakes (…) I'm not going to inject something in my face. When I see them, my heart hurts. I'm like, 'God, if only you knew how much older you look. They try to stop the passage of time, and we feel how much they lack confidence in themselves. I don't judge people, but sometimes I'd like to beg those I know who are about to do so not to touch their face. ' she explained. Since then, perhaps the main interested party has changed her mind…