Jenifer confides: Maternity, Regret, Age, 'Pajamas' and 'Spread'

Jenifer has made rare secrets about her daily “sporting” mom, her sons, her age, but also her regret in the Star Academy…

  Jenifer confides: Maternity, Regret, Age,"Pyjama" et "Pâte à tartiner"

Jennifer , which absolutely depends on protect her three sons from media exposure , however chose to openly engage in the maternity in Waiting , one of the titles of his new album called N°9 . they suck her d'Aaron , 18 years old, fruit of her love with the musician Maxim Nucci aka Yodelice, Joseph , 8 years old, born of his romance with Thierry Neuvic, and Juvanni , one year old, whom she had with her husband Ambroise Fieschi, puts her modesty aside in this new piece which she dedicates to her sons. ' I couldn't skip this topic. It's my balance “, entrusted the singer of 39 years to South Radio . And to add: ' I tell myself, less selfishly, that this is a relatively unifying subject. He may be able to provoke and evoke emotions, bring out things in some '.

Jenifer: her 'sporty' daily life as a mom

Although she rose to fame at 18, after being revealed to the Star Academy , Jenifer has always kept her feet on the ground. ' I am a working mom like many moms! I do a great job, I love what I do beyond a job, I have the chance to live from my passion. I know where my friends are and that I have a family. It always helped me to stay extremely lucid about what was happening to me. “, assured the singer, at the microphone of South Radio.

Jenifer does not complain about her daily life as a mother of three boys! ' It's sporty, but I love it. It doesn't lack rhythm ', she confided before adding: ' Motherhood helped me channel certain energies at the right time . It made me grow all of a sudden and it gave me a lot of love and strength and conviction '.

Jenifer, facing the course of quarantine

The singer is also preparing to take a step. This November 15, Jennifer will celebrate her 40th birthday , but no way for the artist to brood. The passage of time does not frighten him, or almost: ' I have a very full life, so that's fine. If I hadn't known anything, it would have made me anxious. But I have experienced many things. There have been many twists and turns in my life. Both positives and negatives. But I'm moving forward and I'm proud '.

Jenifer: her regret at Star Academy

' A lot of things happened for me. Professionally, I measure how lucky I am to have a loyal audience. Just talking about it, I am moved (...) When I'm on stage, in front of a full house, I see myself, as a child, dreaming about all that. I'm incredibly lucky “, she also confided to TV 7 Days .

However, the artist has one (small) regret. If she could have changed one thing during her period spent at Star Academy castle , Jenifer would have taken more time to ' get ready '.' I often stayed in my pajamas eating slices of chocolate spread . I had this unconsciousness that was certainly endearing “, she explained.

Jenifer: 'I got lost at some point'

But what does it matter, today, the interpreter of I'm waiting for love live fully in the present. While 4 years have passed since the release of his previous album, New page , Jenifer is happy to return to the stage with his new album. ' It allowed me to find people on stage, to find the public and to reestablish a little bit this link that I had perhaps lost at some point because myself, I got lost at some point “, she confided to RTL . Jenifer has turned her page...