Jeane Manson turns 72: her past, her traumas, the men in her life

Jeane Manson, who turns 72 on October 1, has had a thousand experiences, happy and terrible, been in a relationship with famous men, changed her life, before becoming a mom and a grandma. From her past as a playmate to her friendship with Joe Dassin through her retraining… the career of the singer has however been tarnished by a complaint for incest filed by Coline Berry.

  Jeane Manson turns 72: her past, her traumas, the men in her life

The voice of Jeane Manson continue to rock us... The most French of American singers celebrates 72 years . Time passes but the mother of singer Shirel approaching its seventh decade rather serenely... Especially since it has close to death few years ago. Nothing like it to give you back the rage to live. Her childhood in Mexico, her terrible trauma, her past as a playmate, the men in her life... Find out what you (perhaps) didn't know about Jeane Manson.

She grew up in Mexico

Jean Manson was born in the United States to a writer father and a singer and painter mother. But it's in Mexico that she grew up, since she spent the first 12 years of her life there. The singer grew up to the sounds of Mariachi guitars and learned Spanish as her mother tongue. It is in the heart of Latin America that Jean Manson fall in love with music ...

She was a victim of rape

At 13, the young teenager is going through a terrible ordeal. She is done violate , while she now resides in California, a place where she had yet rediscovered carelessness... 'In the hippie days, we all drank a lot. That afternoon, I was drunk. I was in a daze, I didn't have all my means and a boy abused me “, she said in Paris here . Years later, the singer managed to ' to forgive 'his attacker, but still carries with it the scars of that sinister afternoon...

She was Playboy's Miss August 1974

In 1974, Jean Manson launched out in the cinema in his native country. She starred in a few little-known American films, before becoming... a playmate! In Playboy magazine, she is even crowned 'Miss August 1974'. Just that !

The meeting that changes everything

It is a completely different destiny embraced by the one who dreams of being a singer, flying to Europe in 1975. In France, she met the author-composer Jean Renard, who helped her get started in music… and offered to Frenchify her name. It won't be John anymore... but Jeane Manson ! In January 1976, he propelled it to center stage with a title that still resonates in our minds today, Before saying goodbye . A star is born...

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Joe Dassin helped her make a name for herself

In the 1970s, Jeane Manson scoured the tv sets , notably alongside Joe Dassin , who becomes his best friend . He helps her to break into the middle of French song and both share their love for Latin music. ' From the first year, I did a lot of shows with him. It allowed me to meet a lot of people and to integrate myself into this world when I had just been 'born' musically. “, she recalled in TV Star .

Naked photos posted out of revenge

Married to the movie producer Andre Djaoui , Jeane Manson becomes pregnant with her first child. During her pregnancy, she had to leave the shooting of an André Hunebelle film, because she refuses to show her boobs … Annoyed, the producers of the film concoct a very low revenge and publish photos where she appears naked , in Playboy USA , we learn in the show Everybody talks about it . The blow is low, but Jeane Manson does not care. His happiness is too immense. In March 1978, she gives birth to her daughter, Shirel .

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The men in her life

A few years after her marriage to André Djaoui, the singer divorces, then marries the actor Richard Berry , with whom she remained in a relationship for two years.

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Some time later, she falls in love with journalist Allain Bougrain-Dubourg . Together they give birth to a daughter, Marianne , in 1988.

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Revival in Spain

Jeane Manson is now grandmother of Liam, 15, Luna Jeane, 13, and Adiel Rose, almost 4, Shirel's children. She flew to Spain, to Peralada, a small Catalan village, where she put down her luggage in 2012, in order to open a souvenir shop there, while continuing to perform on stage .

She was close to death

In 2020, while part of the world is in confinement, Jeane Manson must leave Spain to be taken care of in Medical-surgical Center (CMC) d'Aurillac , in Cantal. The reason ? She suffers from a complete obstruction of the femoral artery in the left thigh for a length of 45 cm ', according The mountain . It's a serious heart problem which is the source of this health concern.

She is then admitted in intensive care for 10 days . ' The day after my operation, the doctors told me to walk two kilometers when I arrived I could only walk two meters “, she said. Now, the singer, who has come close to the worst, can breathe again…

The Richard Berry Affair

Richard Berry was accused by his eldest daughter Coline Hiegel Berry of rapes, sexual assault and corruption of minor. 'Richard Berry's eldest daughter has filed a complaint against her father and one of her former mothers-in-law, the American singer, Jeane Manson'.
The facts date back to the 1980s. At the time, when his daughter Coline was still a minor, Richard Berry was in a relationship with Jeane Manson, with whom he remained married from 1984 to 1986. Coline Berry therefore accused his former mother-in-law of complicity in the facts incestuous , then the facts were reclassified as ' corruption de mineure de 15 ans '. But the case was closed without further action ' due to the acquisition of the prescription of the public action “said the Paris prosecutor’s office.

She is single

At 72, the singer is single ! His last companion has couldn't stand his fame … ' He told me I was beautiful and thought he would be too afraid to lose me. When you're a well-known and often absent woman, it's an obstacle to finding love. The men in my life didn't like being called Mr. Manson “, she said in Gala . ' Maybe it's time to meet a lover “, she let go. The call is launched…