Jean-Pierre Foucault: Ousted in turn from Miss France?

Is Jean-Pierre Foucault hosting Miss France for the last time this year? According to “Here”, the popular animator would be pushed towards the exit, a few days after the announcement of the departure of Sylvie Tellier…

  Jean-Pierre Foucault: Ousted in turn from Miss France?

After the departure to Sylvie Tellier of the Miss France committee , could the famous beauty contest experience new upheavals? According to information from the magazine Here is , as of Friday September 9, 2022, it is now the mythical and (until now) unstoppable presenter of the show, Jean-Pierre Foucault, who could well be ejected from his post . According to people magazine, the 74-year-old host should present the competition for Miss France for the last time this year.

Does Jean-Pierre Foucault present Miss France for the last time?

Always according to Here is , this choice would come from the president of the company Miss France, Alexia Laroche-Joubert , appointed in October 2021. She would like to breathe a breath of modernity into the competition and thus replace Jean-Pierre Foucault with a younger animator. On TF1, the choices are many, starting with the one who has quickly become a key face of the channel, Camille Combal... For the time being, neither the company Miss France nor the famous presenter of the show confirmed the information.

In the fall of 2021, Jean-Pierre Foucault responded to rumors who were already flying about his possible departure. ' It's been said for years that this is my last. He's still there old man . There is a day when I'm going to stop, I'm not going to cling desperately. Don't worry, I'll make the decision when it's time to make it “, he confided to Telepro . Remember that the presenter has hosted the Miss France contest every year since 1995!

Jean-Pierre Foucault reacts to the departure of Sylvie Tellier

More recently, the 74-year-old host reacted to the departure of Sylvie Tellier, who is leaving her post as director of the Miss France company. ' The relay is done intelligently, without settling scores, and it's very good for the image of the competition . I'm glad it's all going smoothly “. he commented to Tele-Leisure . Even Geneviève de Fontenay, the legendary ex-patron of Miss had the class to send a message to Sylvie Tellier, yet became his sworn enemy when she took his place. ' It was with some emotion that I learned of the departure of Sylvie Tellier from the management of the Miss France company. Despite our disagreements, I wish him every success in the pursuit of his career. She has many resources and I'm sure she will bounce back with talent ', she said in a press release.