Jean-Paul Belmondo, the jackpot: a property of the late actor sold for a fortune (ideal for summer vacation)

Did you know ? In addition to being a legendary actor, Jean-Paul Belmondo was also a good sailor and a great lover of boats, especially collectibles. One of the ships that belonged to him has just been auctioned off for a colossal sum!

  Jean-Paul Belmondo, the jackpot: a property of the late actor sold for a fortune (ideal for summer holidays'été)

Although he died on September 6, 2021 at the age of 88 in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, John Paul Belmondo still holds a special place in the hearts of the French today. And in the world of cinema, of course. But the father of four - Paul, Stella, Patricia and Florence - was not just an illustrious actor. He was also a very good sailor and a great lover of boats of all kinds. . It was also no secret to anyone, and many archives show him sailing off the bay of Saint-Tropez.

A boat that belonged to Jean-Paul Belmondo at auction

And, this year, the Artcurial auctions at the Rétromobile show were once again able to prove Bébel's love for boats. And for good reason, if the experts had the chance to put the Ford Mustang of the film on sale The misfit , they were also able to estimate one of the legendary actor's ships. A Riva Super Florida model dating from 1964 called Elodie I, in reference to Bébel's very first wife, the dancer Élodie Constantin . Moreover, according to Artcurial, the group behind this spectacular sale, a story for now 'unverified', says that the actor would have 'exchanged this Riva for a Ferrari in Sicily' after his separation with the mother of Paul Belmondo, Élodie Constantin.

Jean-Paul Belmondo's ship sold at auction for gold

If this statement has never been verified yet, the track of the boat of the grandfather of the one who now walks in these footsteps, the attractive apprentice actor Victor Belmondo - who will also star in the film stop with your lies alongside Guillaume de Tonquédec in particular from next February 22 -, was only officially found in 2010 in Palermo, still in Italy.

It was then officially resold in 2015 to its current owner (whose identity is not known at all) who then had it completely renovated and therefore put it up for auction a few days ago. Estimated between €100,000 and €150,000 by Artcurial, the 1960s ship finally found a buyer at the Retromobile 2023 show for much more than what had been announced by the pros in the sector. It was indeed sold for the modest sum of... €303,960! Just that.