Jean-Marie Bigard berserk: a viral video... but who's he big on the potato?

In the program 'Chez Jordan' on C8, the comedian expressed his anger against the actor François Cluzet, who had called him 'king of rednecks'. And it doesn't work at all. Jean-Marie Bigard exploded in anger and the video of his interview went viral!

  Jean-Marie Bigard berserk: a viral video... but who's he big on the potato?

Jean-Marie Bigard was a guest on the show At Jordan's brought to you by Jordan de Luxe. From subject to subject, the name of François Cluzet ended up pointing the tip of his nose... Causing a monster anger in the 68-year-old comedian. But why Jean Marie Bigard , as we can see in a video extract promised to become cult, resents the actor of Untouchables and Masquerade , his new film currently in theaters?

Jean-Marie Bigard insulted by François Cluzet: it does not pass!

The presenter appeared somewhat terrified as Jean-Marie Bigard was so overwhelmed. We know the comedian for his passion for serious jokes, his outspokenness and, sometimes, his outbursts of anger. But this time, it's very serious. Jordan de Luxe witnessed of a lunar sequence in which the regular resident of the Big heads of RTL seems totally out of control. And that anger seems to have built up over the months since François Cluzet called the comedian 'king of beaufs' in an interview, blaming him for his desire to run for president in 2022 when he held a speech on the border of conspiracy and anti-vax in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. ' I could never say such stupid things. This is extremely serious (...) Oh, grandpa, you have a neuron left and you hid it in the cellar or what? “, he had even proclaimed.

Bigard reacts to criticism from Cluzet

A qualification that was not at all to the taste of the main interested party. An insult which followed in particular the positions taken by the comedian on the subject of coronavirus . 'He is victim of a sin , worst of all, envy, he doesn't want me to exist, to be loved. I am the king of beauties , yes ! He insults three-quarters of France, are you going to tell three-quarters of the French people who love me that they are rednecks? ' , launches Jean-Marie Bigard, visibly beside himself.

Jean-Marie Bigard, out of control: an already cult video

For the comedian and husband of Lola Marois, no doubt: François Cluzet wants his disappearance. 'Normally, you should kill me, bury me, make a hole and put me in it, he wants me to disappear. He is exasperated by my performance. Especially by the fact that I filled a Stade de France! Persoooooonnne.... All people like François Cluzet say Nooooooooon! Nooooooooo! We want to aaaaaaas! Nobody wanted me to be the only comedian in the world who made 52,000 people laugh. ', he gets carried away. Not sure that this argument is really the right one, but the artist seems persuaded to suffer from snobbery...

'Whore, insult three-quarters of France ! No, the desire is that you don't want the other to have what he has. And let him be what he is. You can't stand it. Besides, he says it: Don't understand that I'm being given the floor. Don't understand why I'm in front of you doing a TV on C8', he continues, the desire to fight it out. François Cluzet is therefore warned.