Jean-Luc Reichmann in mourning: the host announces the death of his mother Josette

Sad news for Jean-Luc Reichmann. This Thursday, August 11, 2022, the star host of TF1 has indeed announced on his social networks the death of his mother Josette.

  Jean-Luc Reichmann in mourning:'animateur annonce le décès de sa mère Josette

'Mom. Today I'm crying, my heart no longer shines, yours has died out' , soberly wrote Jean-Luc Reichmann on his Instagram and Twitter accounts this Thursday, August 11, 2022. In a poignant post of the most moving, the one who presents the 12 cups mid i for more than twelve years announced the death of his mother, Josette . To pay tribute to him, the 61-year-old host decided to publish three solar and joyful photos. We see in particular Peter, the father of Jean-Luc Reichmann, who died in 2016 at the age of 83. 'Tonight, your place will be empty at belote, because you left to play again with Dad 'A funny life'' , confides the host to his subscribers. Now an orphan, he took the opportunity to thank these two parents . 'Together you have taught us to give, to share, to transmit, to work, to fight with respect, to laugh, to gather, to tell each other everything, to be strong and loyal but above all sincere' , he wrote.

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'Today I'm in so much pain' : Jean-Luc Reichmann shares his pain

As Jean-Luc Reichmann explains on his social networks, his mother died on Sunday August 7th, '1st Sunday in August' , at the age of 88 . And since then, the presenter is inconsolable. 'You put sunshine in my life every day Mom with your words so right, your expressions so funny, your reflections so disconcerting. Excuse me Mom but today I'm in so much pain. I'm going to try to continue the path that you traced, that of the magic of life that you opened to us with Dad, but with this unbearable feeling of the lack of you, of your voice on a daily basis, of your look so mischievous and so complicit, of your presence so charismatic ' . Sad news therefore for the one who is also the face of the hit series of TF1 Léo Matteï , but he did not go into details. Thus, we do not know the circumstances of the death of his mother, but he had on the other hand already mentioned his health concerns on the set of his show . In September 2021, and while a candidate admitted to suffering from kidney disease and having to undergo heavy treatment, he took the opportunity to send a message to his mother: 'It's beautiful what you are saying because dialysis is still very, very restrictive. This is the case for my mum, so I think very, very strongly of my mum, whom I love, of course' .