Jean-Jacques Goldman: the women in his life, his family, his secrets...

Singer with a big heart and legendary discretion, Jean-Jacques Goldman continues to fascinate. He passed on his love of music to his son, Michael Goldman, who becomes the director of the new season of Star Academy, broadcast from October 15 on TF1.

  Jean-Jacques Goldman: the women in his life, his family, his secrets...

Favorite personality of the French , but also one of the most secret , Jean-Jacques Goldman passed on his love of music to his son, Michael Goldman, who becomes the director of the new season of the Star Academy , broadcast from October 15 on TF1 . The opportunity to look back on the career of Jean-Jacques Goldman, a singing star who dreamed of anonymity...

Jean-Jacques Goldman is the third of a family of four children, born in the 19th arrondissement of Paris to a Polish communist father who took part in the french resistance . He spends his childhood surrounded by his brothers and sisters and his parents, who have a magasin d'articles de sport . ' I was in a very rebellious, militant family. I was a bit of a traitor to the family because I was only interested in music and girls. At the table, it was talking about Cuba, and I didn't even know where it was “, he explained in the documentary Jean-Jacques Goldman, inside . And to add: ' As a child I was afraid of everything: school, other people, everything terrified me '.

Jean-Jacques Goldman, boy scout, business student… and musician

A discreet child who sees his artist's soul wake up more when integrating the scout association Girl Scouts Scouts of France . It was within this group that he discovered his talent for music . There's learn the guitar playing around campfires and embarking on piano and violin lessons.
At 14, he entered a gospel choir at the church of Montrouge and becomes the leader of a group in which he plays the digital organ. Thanks to Father Dufourmantelle, they released a record sold after mass. The young budding artist touches his musical dream...
Not very gifted for studies, he still manages to integrate the HEC preparation and begins business studies in Lille , within EDHEC, before enrolling in faculty of sociology . A studious course for a student whose mind is elsewhere… in the clouds and above all in the chords to play the guitar ! Jean-Jacques Goldman decides to join the rock band Tai Phong after completing his military service. Success is knocking at their door thanks to their title Sister Jane , which is a hit.

Jean-Jacques Goldman: Marriage and family drama

In 1975 he wife Catherine Morlet and becomes dad of little Caroline the same year, before giving him a little brother, Michael , and a little sister, Nina . As the singer begins to make a living from his music and discovers the joys of fatherhood, a family drama comes to catch up with him. His half-brother, Pierre Goldman, is sentenced to prison to life in 1974, accused of taking part in a armed robbery in a Parisian pharmacy which led to the death of two employees.

Two years later, this far-left activist is acquitted … but he dies, brutally murdered . The murder is never solved, but claimed by a far-right group. ' This drama weighed in the history of Jean-Jacques Goldman. One of his childhood friends, with whom he made his musical debut, told me that he was obviously touched by the death of Pierre Goldman ', explained the journalist Magali Serre au Progress .

Jean-Jacques Goldman, friend of the stars

In the 80s, Jean-Jacques Goldman is getting up little by little this ordeal and finds solace in his music. He finally starts to break through with his piece A sign will suffice , then chain successes with I walk alone , Fly Me or One more morning
Through his friends Michel Berger and Daniel Balavoine , he meets Johnny Hallyday and composes some of his greatest titles, such as Desire , Laura or I promise you . He also crosses Florent Pagny during a show of the Enfoirés, becomes his friend, and writes him, among other things, the titles If you want to try me or do you follow me . Many times it is sacred favorite personality of the French .

Jean-Jacques Goldman: 'I was ashamed to be on TV'

But the ankles of Jean-Jacques Goldman do not swell in front of so much glory, on the contrary. The singer would do without fame and cheering crowds, he would rather to blend in . ' When I did the Olympia, I didn't invite my parents, I was almost ashamed to be on TV “, he confided in the documentary Jean-Jacques Goldman, inside .
The artist's concerns lie elsewhere: very committed, Jean-Jacques Goldman actively participates in concerts of the Enfoirés for the Restos du Cœur, and even composes The Chanson of Remains . He is also involved in many associations such as the Sidaction or Asia Solidarity .
When he's not on stage or composing new songs, the artist simply likes spend time with loved ones , hang out at home or even snowboarding (a sport he considers himself quite good at).

Jean-Jacques Goldman: who are his 6 children?

In 2001, after his divorce from his first wife , he marries Nathalie who is none other than… one of his fans. Daring, the young woman knocks one evening on the door of her idol's dressing room and both fall in love with each other . Since then, they lead a life away from the cameras and take care of their three daughters , Maya, 17, Kimi, 16, and Rose, 14.
As for his eldest children, each goes his own way. Michael Goldman, 43 years old, he founded his label based on crowdfunding, My Major Company , which revealed, among others, Joyce Jonathan and Grégoire. He becomes the director of the Star Academy, from October 2022. Caroline Goldman , 46, is following in her mother's footsteps and has become a child psychologist. As for Nina Goldman , 36 years old, she is a pediatrician.

Jean-Jacques Goldman and money: how much he earns

Now the artist retired from public life and spend peaceful days with his small family in London . The singer even left the Enfoirés troupe, and yet, Jean-Jacques Goldman continues to (very) earn a good living.
According Public , he receives approximately 2 million euros royalties paid by SACEM, in particular when his hits, or those he has composed, are broadcast on the radio .