Jean Dujardin is 50 years old: 'Idiot of the class', Alexandra Lamy, 'Absolute love', Paternity...

Jean Dujardin turns 50 on June 19. His complicated childhood, his 'absolute love' for his daughter, his story with Alexandra Lamy... Find out everything you (perhaps) didn't know about 'The Artist'...

  Jean Dujardin is 50 years old:"Idiot de la classe", Alexandra Lamy, "Amour absolu", Paternité...

Jean Dujardin celebrates his 50th birthday June 19. The Oscar-winning and Caesar-winning French actor never hesitates to put his humor forward, he remains particularly discreet about his private life . But the actor sometimes allows himself to reveal slices of life. His childhood as ' the idiot of the class ', his love affair with Alexandra Lamy , paternity, his relationship with his daughter or even his romance with Nathalie Péchalat... Focus on the highlights of the life of 'the Artist'. ..

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Jean Dujardin, 'Idiot of the class'

Jean Dujardin was born in Rueil-Malmaison, in the Hauts-de-Seine, on June 19, 1972. During his childhood , the young boy has trouble gaining self-confidence. And for good reason... ' I had a teacher who broke my trust (…) It made me waver, I doubted myself terribly. All the rest of my schooling, I was the student who understood nothing, the idiot of the class , late, the eternal repeater “, he confided to the World .

Jean Dujardin: scouting changed him

After earning his baccalaureate, he worked as a locksmith in his father's business . But above all, his experience in scouting helps him open up to others and discover a passion for comedy.

' I've been met lifelong friends . This is where I did my first sketches, during scout vigils! These camps allowed me to socialize, to trust in me . I think this is where I really started to exist “, he confided to the media flapped .

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Jean Dujardin: his group with Bruno Salomone

In the 90s, he formed the group les We C We with Philippe Urbain, Éric Collado, Luc Antoni, Éric Massot and Bruno Salomone. Together they give several shows , regularly appear on the show Party by Patrick Sébastien and even make a parody of boy bands.

Jean Dujardin hesitated to accept Un Gars, Une Fille

In 1999, he passes a casting to play in the series A boy a girl , alongside Alexander Lamy . Producer Isabelle Camus is won over by her interpretation of 'Loulou'. She's not the only one. Alexandra Lamy knows that she has found her partner on the screen from the first trials. ' We sat down on the ground like two kids: we left in an endless improvisation, we laughed to tears , and the series was already there. Our love story too, in fact “, she confided to Gala .

The actor himself finds himself bad and reluctant to accept this role . We know the rest: the series is a hit, 486 episodes are shot, Alexandra Lamy and Jean Dujardin are propelled to the rank of stars... and become a couple in the city.

Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy: how their love story 'started'

If their relationship is kept secret at first, they make it official in 2003 and get married in 2009 . Alexandra Lamy had confided in the subject of their couple to C8 : ' When we finished 'Un gar, une fille', we realized that we could not separate . That's why our love story started there. We spent four years together, every day, with this image of a couple. Yes, it became natural. Then, we built everything together, there was something that was almost logical. We were madly in love with each other , obviously '.

Jean Dujardin: 'the most beautiful, the strongest' for Alexandra Lamy

In the cinema, his performances in Brice de Nice , then OSS 117: Cairo, nest of spies, for which he was awarded a Cesar for best actor in 2007, finished popularizing it with the French public. But it was in 2011, thanks to his role in The Artist , which earns him a Academy Award for Best Actor (just that) that Jean Dujardin becomes the international star that we know today.

A consecration that Jean Dujardin had been waiting for a long time. Alexandra Lamy had confided to SHE : ' The needs me to find that he is the best, the most beautiful, the strongest. He's not sure of himself, Jean. He's the last of four boys, when he was born everyone said, 'Oh shit, another one!' Maybe that's why he needs to exist stronger than the others '.

Dujardin and Lamy: the separation

Unfortunately, the couple separates after a romance that made the French dream . But they remain on good terms. 'What and you've spent ten years with someone, you can't shout 'bastard' as soon as you see a picture of him...[...] This is a step that I forbid myself. I want to keep only the good times' , had entrusted the actress to C8.

Jean Dujardin: couple with Nathalie Péchalat and paternity

After their separation, the actor begins a romance with skater Nathalie Péchalat . Jean Dujardin, already father of two boys, Jules and Simon , born of an old union in 2000 and 2001, becomes father of a little Jeanne , in 2015. In 2021, they welcome another child, Alice .

Fatherhood, but especially the birth of his first daughter, literally transformed the actor. ' A daughter for a father is absolutely unique. It is of the order of a absolute love that i can't explain and which I gladly accept. It's in the contract! It makes me a man. (...) I don't want to say big sentences like: 'It empowers me', because I have always been responsible, even with my sons. But what luck. I felt very happy and very stupid when I found out it was a girl. I had the impression that I would only do guys “, he confided to SHE .