Jamel Debbouze disappeared 'for 3 years': why did he take a break?

The French comedian and actor returns to the front of the stage with the film 'The New Toy' which will be released on Wednesday October 19 on the screens. On this occasion, he was the guest this Wednesday 12 of France Inter. He answered questions from Léa Salamé who asked him about the film and his absence for a few years.

  Jamel Debbouze has disappeared"pendant 3 ans" : pourquoi a-t-il fait une pause ?

38 films, 2 awards and 26 years of career, Jamel Debbouze has a career that makes you dream. From humor to cinema, from stand-up boards to screens, everything succeeds. In his private life too: the file the perfect love with the journalist and presenter Melissa Theuriau and their two children, Léon (born December 3, 2008) and Lila (born September 28, 2011) . He returns to the poster of a new film where he plays the leading role. It's a remake of the movie The toy by Jacques Weber released in 1976 with Pierre Richard as the main character.

Jamel Debbouze: absent for 3 years, a voluntary break

The France Inter journalist took advantage of the promotion of the film to question Jamel Debbouze about his disappearance in the media, which he describes as fallowing. ' What could have tired me , it's not going home enough . At some point, we no longer know where we live and it's true that it can be a bit confusing “, reveals the comedian, now 47 years old.

He was not tired of the job as he made a point of specifying it. A certain routine had settled in and he needed to take a step back in order to be as efficient again. ' We hardly hear what we are saying. And if we don't make an update, we're no longer surprising “, continues the actor.

Jamel Debbouze: traumatized and sensitive to criticism

This jack-of-all-trades is also very sensitive. He told the newspaper The world on June 5th how some of these failures or criticisms particularly hurt him in his first film Why didn't I eat my father : ' I experienced this project very badly for technical, artistic and sometimes human reasons. It was a real trauma . Just like my last show, Now or Jamel (2017). When it was played live on TV, four fools on social media criticized the show, and it became a no good show. '

Jamel Debbouze: a comeback with a bang

Rest assured, the actor has regained all his energy and has not lost his humor after this stop in his career. He ended the interview on France Inter by joking about the probable departure of Kylian MBappé from PSG: 'J heard that this morning. Are you serious or is it a Marseille fake? Listen to me, Kylian, you absolutely must not leave the PSG club. It's your favorite club. You were born there and you will end up there. ' Of all his passions, Jamel Debbouze also has that of football. He assiduously follows football matches. He and st very close to the player Nicolas Anelka, a childhood friend he knew in Trappes.

But, above all, Jamel returns to the cinema with a new film!

The pitch of new toy , reported by Allocinated : ' Sami lives happily in a suburban estate, among his friends, neighbors and his wife Alice. For his son's birthday, the richest man in France opens the department store that belongs to him. Alexandre chooses Sami, the night watchman, as his new toy. .'

Source journaldesfemmes.fr