Jacques Weber: Marriage, Jane Birkin, Phobia, Alcohol, Illness...

Jacques Weber, personality of season 2 of the ARTE series 'In Therapy', is full of surprises. His love at first sight for a famous actress and singer, his 'shattering' encounter with an orangutan, his relationship with his assistant, his children, his cancer... Discover the secrets of the Caesarized actor.

  Jacques Weber: Marriage, Jane Birkin, Phobia, Alcohol, Illness...

At 72, Jacques Weber is not about to give up his acting career. The actor, who got the Cease Best Supporting Actor for Cyrano de Bergerac in 1991, is now on the bill for the 2nd season of the series by Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, In Therapy, the first episodes of which aired on April 7 on Art . But what do you know of the Caesarized actor? His childhood , love, are famous son , the sickness that he fought, his passion for the bottle, his favorite presidential candidate , his remarkable encounter with a monkey... Discover the secrets of the illustrious actor.

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Jacques Weber: his famous classmates

Jacques Weber was born on August 23, 1949 in Paris, raised by a stay-at-home mother and a polytechnician father of Swiss origins, who alternately worked as a physicist, chemist and laboratory director. Student at the Carnot high school, he studied with Francis Huster and Jacques Spiesser . With them, he discovered the theater and enrolled at the Conservatory of the 18th arrondissement in Paris.

Jacques Weber refused to enter the Comédie-Française

Then he meets Peter Brewer who becomes his mentor . As he is offered a place at the French comedy , the refuse d'and enter . 'At that time we were very marked by 68, very marked by somewhat radical ideas. That is to say that the Théâtre-Français is the right and the TNP (Popular National Theater, editor's note) , is the left. I will not go to this temple of capitalism, the bourgeoisie, etc. It was totally stupid because what attracted me to the theater was the Comédie-Française with these marvelous actors “, he entrusted to the microphone of France Culture .

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Her first film role

Quickly, it's television that he distinguished himself and acted in his first TV movie in 1970, Lancelot du Lac by Claude Santelli. A year later, he took his first steps in movie theater in Raphael or the Debauchee by Michel DeVille.

wife and children

In 1981, he married Christine Weber , which later becomes his assistant . Together they have three children, Tommy , director, Stanley , actor, like his father, and Kim , who is a photographer.

Jacques Weber, frightened by...

While he enjoyed doing activities with his children, he was terrified of riding in a thrill ride . So the actor had gotten into the habit of to entrust his daughter to a present family when she wanted to get on a merry-go-round. ' I'd be scared to death for it to fall apart “, he admitted at the microphone of Europe 1 .

Who is his famous son Stanley Weber?

His comedian son, Stanley Weber , now 35, has notably played the role of Juan Borgia in the series Borgia , slipped into the shoes of Count Saint-Germain in Outlande r , and played the lover of Mylène Farmer in his music video Tears , in 2019.

Jacques Weber had a crush on Jane Birkin

In 1973, Jacques Weber shot a sex scene with Jane Birkin in Private Screening, by Denis Mallet. A moment he will never forget...' I completely fell in love with her (...) First of all she's a beautiful woman, overwhelming, and she was so pretty, I was crazy, I was really crazy ' remembered Jacques Weber on the show The moment of luxury.

Jacques Weber, 'upset' by a female orangutan

Jacques Weber has done many significant encounters During his life. But this is his interview with Nénette, a female orangutan from the Jardin des Plantes , which actually touched him. ' She looked at me. All of a sudden, she moved her ass, she went to get something. She handed me a piece of broccoli through the grate. People who know her very well told me that it was a sign that she loved me very much. And that, frankly, it totally upset me “, he told the microphone of Europe 1 .

Mélenchon is his favorite candidate for the Elysée

For the presidential election of 2022, like that of 2017, Jacques Weber supports Jean-Luc Melenchon . He calls to go to the meeting of the candidate of Insubordinate France on February 13 in Montpellier and appears in a clip broadcast at the opening.

Jacques Weber was an alcoholic

Jacques Weber was ' alcoholic 'during part of his life, according to his confidences to VSD . ' I no longer realized what I was drinking before going on stage. And then, at some point, there's a doctor who wants to know what you're drinking. I answer him: ' one or two liters for lunch, four or five double whiskeys to play, and then I let go '' he recalled.

Fortunately, the actor had a click which allowed him to realize the gravity of the situation. ' I did a detox , and for two years (the interview dates back to 2016, editor's note) I no longer drink drop . And I dare say it: I find that I do my job better. It's better in my head “, he explained.

Jacques Weber fought cancer

Jacques Weber was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, but luckily he was able to overcome the fight against the disease. ' I had a lymphoma annoying but localized who took very good care of with products that kill everything (...) I was in a bad state , I lost my hair “, he told the Figaro .

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His 'solitary' life in Suresnes

Jacques Weber, who lives in Suresnes , in the Hauts-de-Seine (92), for almost a decade, there have been peaceful days. ' I'm more of a loner: I walk and I am a fan of cycling. I can be in the woods and by the lakes in a few minutes or take the quays to go to the Parc de Saint-Cloud and I am happy with this proximity. And also, what is essential to me is to have near my home good little bistros “, he confided to Surenes-Mag .

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