Jacques and Thomas Dutronc: Father and son reunited for the first time in a clip - VIDEO

On the occasion of their tour and their father-son album, called 'Dutronc&Dutronc', Jacques and Thomas Dutronc have released an exclusive clip in which the artists are reunited for the very first time.

  Jacques and Thomas Dutronc: Father and son reunited for the first time in a clip - VIDEO

Father and son joined on stage to give a series of concerts, a tour throughout France and Switzerland. Jacques and Thomas Dutronc have been traveling the roads of France for several months now. At the beginning of November, they also surprised their fans with the release of an album where the two artists collaborate, called Dutronc&Dutronc . And the singers don't stop there! They reunited for the very first time in a music video, for the song Aragon , available on the new album. This is a cover of one of Thomas Dutronc's titles dating from 2015. The video was released this Wednesday, November 23, 2022 .

A moment of fusion between father and son

Both dressed in leather jackets and dark glasses, father and son echo one after the other, in perfect osmosis. A theatre, a church, a carousel or even a sailboat off the coast of Corsica (where Jacques owns a house), the sumptuous images are by Yann Orhan, a friend of Thomas Dutronc. The singer describes him as a ' little masterpiece (...) which we are very happy with!! ' in a post to announce the release of the video on his Instagram account.

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The clip is already causing a stir with some fans on social media. Commenting on the video on Youtube, an admiring user said: ' Clip completely in tune with the times painting of our society by two accomplished artists. Congratulations to the Dutroncs, what vitality! ', ' So beautiful and talented duo ' exclaims another. On Twitter, it is just as unanimous, a user says 'J love this song and the clip, congratulations s', another adds: ' Congratulations for this wonderful clip '.

A clip approved by Françoise Hardy

On the occasion of the album's release on November 4, 2022, Thomas Dutronc spoke about the tour, the new clip and the songs in the newspaper The duty , published on November 11. He then explains that his mother, the singer Francoise Hardy - who remains cloistered at her home in Paris, because of her health deteriorated by cancer -, totally approves: ' I spoke to my mother this morning, she loved the clip ' .

He also adds: 'My mother is super happy about all this '. Afterwards, he says that she pushed them to work together: ' She said to me this morning: 'I know it's quite a story and that you work a lot to convince him, but the result is great....' '. He ends by saying: ' All my friends tell me that too. What we live, it's really a beautiful adventure '.

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