'It was my song that killed him': Patrick Sébastien witnessed the death of an artist

Patrick Sébastien has just released a book in which he confides with an open heart. He returns in particular to the details of the death of an artist, which occurred during the rehearsals of the Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde.

  'C'était ma chanson qui l'avait tué" : Patrick Sébastien a assisté à la mort d'un artiste

Singer and host Patrick Sébastien has released an autobiographical book titled Live and be reborn every day , published on September 29, 2022 by XO editions. A work in which the artist returns to the many difficult stages he went through in his life and who helped him to forge himself. The 68-year-old also looks back on a tragic incident which took place during the rehearsals of his show, The Biggest Cabaret in the World , where one of artists unfortunately lost his life .

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An artist dies because of a song by Patrick Sébastien

The incident occurred late one afternoon during rehearsals for the show. Everything had started without a hitch: ' The rehearsal of the World's Biggest Cabaret before the evening taping is about to end '. When the time came to sing Patrick Sébastien's cult title, Sardines , one of the men, a guest artist, collapsed. ' We stop the music. I rush. He is livid and unconscious. The firefighters will come. It is the heart. For more than an hour, they tried to revive him ', told the singer in his book. Unfortunately, the artist did not make it and died a few hours later.

The curse of the color green

Patrick Sébastien knew that an incident would happen that day. After all, he is very superstitious. ' In our artistic professions, the color green is said to bring bad luck . (...) This is what the legend says. Whether true or false, I have always been intransigent on this use. No green in my shows! “But that day, a troupe of Russian acrobats invited to the show had no other clothing options. The singer then realized he had no choice but to dress. 'accept outfits: ' It was that or cancel their performance. So I had to resolve that the number is done with these outfits. Predicting that there was surely going to be a problem '.

Patrick Sébastien 'riddled with guilt'

The death of this artist behind the scenes of the Biggest Cabaret in the world tagged the host, ' I admit that presenting the program in the evening was particularly difficult. I was racked with guilt. Even though I was told the man had a history of sans that presaged this kind of stroke at any time. For me, it was my song that killed him. And in addition, I added the exception that I had made to my obsession with the color green '.

But a few days after the tragic death of this man, Patrick Sébastien received a call which appeased his feeling of guilt. The wife of the deceased told him that he was fragile and that he had ' had the most beautiful death ever ', doing what he loved. The singer concluded in his book: ' If I had to keep only one photo from my entire career, I think it would be this one. That of this involuntary gift in the most dire of circumstances. The symbol of my choice to be above all a merchant of happiness '.

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