'It was horror': Gilbert Montagné, 'freaked out', which show left him with a bad memory?

Recently invited to the Télé-Loisirs and C8 program 'Chez Jordan', Gilbert Montagné confided in Jordan De Luxe about his television experiences. And if he loved shooting 'Mask Singer', it is not 'Fort Boyard', which he has since abandoned.

  'It was the'horreur" : Gilbert Montagné, "flippé", quelle émission lui a laissé un mauvais souvenir ?

For a few years, Gilbert Montagné has appeared on all television shows. He had indeed caused a sensation in 2019 in the fourth season of the M6 ​​show The best pastry chef celebrity special .

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And, more recently, we could see it in the third season of Mask Singer on TF1 in which he had slipped under the costume of the tree. Guest of Jordan De Luxe on the show At Jordan's of Tele-Leisure , the interpreter of Under the sunlights of the tropics therefore recently confided in his few experiences on the small screen. And if he loved participating in the flagship program of the One, his passage in Fort Boyard in 1995 left him with a completely different memory.

Why did Gilbert Montagné 'freaked out' during Fort Boyard?

Listening to Gilbert Montagné in his interview with Jordan De Luxe, Fort Boyard really did not leave him with a good memory. And that's the least we can say! ' It was horror. We put you in a spacesuit, it was with Patrice Laffont, and you were out of breath. You were very very scared ' , began by recalling the host. A version that the main interested party has also confirmed, punctuating his sentence with an evocative 'oh my god (oh my god in French)' , before recalling that said spacesuit dated 'from the war of 14' . 'They never used it again after me by the way' , he finally added.

And for him to elaborate: 'Initially you're told, 'You go into the spacesuit, you nod your head a little bit, you're going to hit a button behind it and it's going to give you oxygen.' But it didn't work. And then, it's true that I freaked out because I had no sound, no picture . It was very hot. I wasn't sure if you could hear me up there, but the whole team was fantastic ' . Another black spot for him: he hated to put his hand 'in the mud, in dead mice' . 'Me, I don't like to touch dirty things like that, I hate that (…) You, the sighted ones, you sometimes don't like to look at certain things. Well, I don't like to touch ' , he concluded.

Gilbert Montagné loved participating in Mask Singer 

Gilbert Montagné therefore seems somewhat traumatized by his participation in the flagship program of France 2, and he is not ready to set foot there again . Moreover, although the production has kept asking him to return since this famous participation, the 70-year-old artist insists: 'So far, I haven't said yes' . But there is another program that the singer would not hesitate to redo if offered again: Mask Singer . “It was so funny. I met a fantastic team, first the costume designers, the designers… When I touched my tree, I loved it (…) The show is very well prepared” , he confided to the host of Tele-Leisure . Recall that the 4th season, whose finale aired on October 11, was won by singer Amaury Vassili.

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