It's Ginger Day! Here's how to take the plunge for flamboyant hair

If red hair is rare naturally, more than one has been tempted to dye it red. Based on her natural color, which shade should you choose then? Clear, coppery, Venetian... We help you find the right red color for Ginger Day this January 12, 2023.

  C'est le Ginger Day (journée internationale des roux) ! Voici comment sauter le pas pour une chevelure flamboyante

Once marginal, the roux now holds its revenge in the beauty sphere. As proof, each year on January 12, this day is dedicated to them. Called 'Kiss a ginger day', this day celebrates the love we have for flamboyant hair. At the top of the list, Jessica Chastain and Christina Hendricks, the two new American bombshells who have truly changed the image of redheads who become luscious and ultra sexy. Like these two rising stars, other stars have displayed their pretty incendiary hair. Among them, Maeva Coucke , Miss France 2018, Emma Stone , Alyson Hannigan or Elodie Frégé. But beware, this hair color is not for everyone! Here are some tips if, like the stars, you want to go red.

50 inspirations for red hair

What is the symbol of red?

Redheads represent 1 to 2% of the world's population. This extremely rare hair color has become ingrained in the collective imagination as symbols of strength and passion. Thus, today it is not surprising to see many women adopting this flamboyant color to mark their desire to free themselves from the codes of society.

Who can wear red?

Flamboyant and dynamic color par excellence, the red brings a youthful look to dull hair . However, for the finish to be modern, the choice of intensity and highlights must be in perfect harmony with your skin tone. Very red red, for example, tends to harden the features, while orange and golden reflections subtly warm up the complexion.

What color of red to choose?

Flamboyant and very distinct color, the roux mostly agrees with milky and fair skin which will offer a natural effect to the coloring. For duller complexions, it is advisable to opt for a red that tends towards red. However, this dye will obviously be more artificial. Choosing the right copper is the secret of the most beautiful redhead stars: respect your natural hair color, eyes and skin tone . If your natural undertones are cold, your ideal copper tone tends towards red. If they are warm, the coppery oranges will highlight you. Don't know your color shades? Study yourself in a mirror, your face next to a sheet of silver for the cold, then gold for the heat. One illuminates you, the second dulls you!

copper red hair for blonde hair

You are blonde fair-skinned? Dare the flamboyant red! If you have a golden complexion, go for warm highlights, from flashy shades to understated Venetian coppers. If you have very white skin, opt for coppery shades with a dominant red or simple auburn highlights, to start gently.


Dark red hair for brown hair

Beware of too bright copper, red is a hair color that easily seems artificial. Your hair is brown ? Follow your original color by transparency and bet on deep reflections. For a light brown, dare the henna coloring in very soft caramel copper; with a dark blond , prefer a more intense red copper.


How do you maintain your red hair color?

More than blonde and brown, red hair color requires special and regular maintenance . Thus, a monthly appointment with the colorist is necessary to hide small roots and prevent the color from becoming dull. Also, you have to invest in shampoos and repigmenting masks to make at home.

  • Avoid the pool and the sun . Because red pigments are very fragile, they are sensitive to external aggressions. Their worst enemies: the pool and the sun. So, if you come out of the hairdresser with your new red hair color, forget the pool for a while because the chlorine quickly discolors and dulls the red hair. Photosensitive, the red pigment can also lose its radiance on contact with UV rays. It is therefore recommended to apply UV hair protection to your red hair before going out in the sun.
  • Opt for appropriate care . To sublimate your hair, it is advisable to choose suitable shampoos that will better maintain your color. If there are no shampoos specially dedicated to redheads, opt for those with henna which is ideal for protecting red pigments and to bring out your copper highlights. In addition, a mask for thick hair is recommended because red hair is often very thick . And if you want to use heated appliances on your hair, which is often difficult to tame, consider using a heat protectant spray.
  • Focus on natural products . Some plants in our kitchen are perfect for enhancing red hair, such as powdered madder, hibiscus or cinnamon. Do not hesitate to prepare infusions with these natural ingredients , to leave on your hair before rinsing. So your redhead will be flamboyant and dazzling like never before.