'It's a form of end of life': Serge Lama poignant on the end of his career, his health declines sharply

Serge Lama has retired. During an interview on the show 'Sept à Huit', the singer returned to a serious car accident which today cost him his career. But the artist, married to the young Luana, will now be able to enjoy this life together.

  'C'est une forme de fin de vie" : Serge Lama poignant sur l'arrêt de sa carrière, sa santé décline fortement

Singer and lyricist Serge Lama recently announced the end of his musical career , at the same time as the release of his latest and ultimate album, called To like , in October 2022. This 24th album consists of fourteen tracks, like a goodbye for his fans. The 79-year-old artist opens up about the reasons that led him to retire during an interview on the show seven to eight on TF1, this Sunday, October 30.

This serious car accident that damaged his health

In 1965, the singer was the victim of a serious car accident - in which his fiancee at the time, Liliane Benelli, dies - which left him with serious consequences after spending months in the hospital. These wounds still make him suffer and he says that, lately the pain has become unbearable. Impossible then to envisage concerts on stage. He delivers to our colleagues from TF1: ' I remember the car. My jaw was shattered, I couldn't even speak. I remember the road with the stars, where all the people were looking at me and where I tried to say that my name was Serge Lama. But of course it didn't come out '.

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The interpreter of I am sick fell into a coma and fought for three long weeks, he relates: ' It was really 'fifty-fifty' '. This accident puts his young career in danger, he adds: ' The doctor told me: 'go on stage, in my opinion, you can never do that again. You must immediately start thinking about your life differently ''. But Serge Lama refuses to stop, he then answers his doctor: ' Listen to me well doctor, not only, I'll start walking again, but you'll see my name on the pediment of the Olympia ' . More than just words, the singer concludes: ' I kept my word ' .

Serge Lama gives details on his health problems

Force of perseverance, Serge Lama continued his career despite the pain of his injuries. But not without suffering, he explains: ' I hurt all the time. There, for example, I have pain. All my life I have suffered. I still suffer, I always suffered ' . Then, he goes into more detail about his ailments: ' My left leg, in fact, it's as if I didn't have it. I don't feel it. Up to the knee, I feel nothing at all. It's my right leg that has held my whole body since the age of 22 (...) the hardest thing is not to think about it '. The singer says, however, that he does not feel pain during his performances: ' On stage, we don't suffer , we find the suffering when we come out of it . It's the only place where I felt good. Hence perhaps the explanation of the number of concerts that I have done in my life '. But today it's over.

Serge Lama gives up his career, he still has love with Luana

If the stage is his refuge, why stop now? The singer recounts being ' fell a few times '. So ' I thought 'now you're 77, 78, what do you want to do on stage? Why ? And for what reason ? I looked myself in the face. I think an 80 year old man is ridiculous on a stage, it has nothing to do with it '. He concludes : ' It's a decision I made both because I can't anymore and I don't want to anymore '. The artist is sorry: ' It's a form of end of life '. ..

Today, Serge Lama will be able to take full advantage of the couple he forms with Luana, an ex-fan he met a few years ago and who has since taken the place of manager. The couple even got married in Paris in February 2021. As a reminder, they are 35 years apart, Luana being only 44 years old . ' I thought, 'But you're selfish. This girl, she is young. And then you're going to hurt her when you disappear.' I told myself all these things. Then she was stronger than me. I see in her eyes that she is happy. She is happy with me. You shouldn't like an old man, but that's what happens. Old people are life eaters “, he confided on TF1.

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