'It hurts very, very badly': Mr. Pokora regretted certain tattoos, he opted for the laser

The singer M. Pokora erased part of his tattoos, justifying his decision in the program 'En Aparté' on Canal + Monday, November 7. And the star is not likely to forget the effects of the laser!

"Ça fait très très mal" : M. Pokora a regretté certains tatouages, il a opté pour le laser

Not easy to get rid of our tattoos... M. Pokora experienced it. The 37-year-old hit singer made the decision to erase his neck tattoos. Since 2016, he has been undergoing laser sessions to get rid of it. And it was no easy feat, as he confided on the show in aside South Channel +.

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Invited Monday, November 7 on the couch of Nathalie Levy, he admitted to having been in great pain! Even if the techniques have improved, it is still very delicate... 'I had some in my neck that I removed with a laser, he detailed, on the occasion of the promotion of his new album Épicentre. There is a small flower but I had roses, flames rising. I removed some, it hurts very very badly, it is very painful. '

Nathalie Lévy wanted to know the reasons for the end of her tattoos. 'Why are we removing them?, she asked, curiously. Past a certain age? “Mr. Pokora then admitted to having gone through the tattoo artist box too quickly, without really thinking about it. ' I wanted very quickly to be very tattooed and in fact, I did a bit of everything and anything , he said, without taboo. I soon regretted it. I felt a bit trapped, it was a bit awkward, I could never look like someone without a tattoo. That's why I had what was sticking out of the shirt removed. '

Mr. Pokora gave advice to young people who listen to him: ' It's a bit of an old fart to say to young people, 'Think carefully'' , he advised. 'I find myself at the tell now to young people who want to tattoo : 'think well, take the time, go on parts that are not too awkward.

The unwavering support of his wife

Does Christina Milian support her husband's decision? The 41-year-old American singer and actress, who fell in love with the Frenchie during a meeting in Saint-Tropez in 2017, has a few tattoos herself, including one on her arm and a (very) imposing one on her left hip! The inscription 'believe', which means 'to believe' in French. The mother of Violet (12, born of her past history with The-Dream), Isaiah (2 years) and Kenna (1 year and a half) even had a fake tattoo on her baby bump during her pregnancy. One thing is certain: among the Pokora, tattooing is a family affair... It remains to be seen whether their children will follow suit!

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