Isabelle Mergault diva? Tackled by a man, she gets annoyed... 'Calm down!'

And bam, in the teeth! Isabelle Mergault did not expect to be demolished by a listener of RTL's 'Big Heads' but she did not fail to run into him. Accused of having shunned a film set by an extra, she set the record straight.

  Isabelle Mergault diva? Tackled by a man, she'agace... "Calmez-vous !"

Isabelle Mergault does not have its tongue in its pocket and does not let it go. The resident of Big heads by Laurent Ruquier was present on the March 15 show and, while a listener was online, she was surprised that he attacked her. He reproached her and she responded tit for tat... but without tact.

Isabelle Mergault not nice with the extras?

On the air, a man therefore recounted a memory of filming for which he had participated as an extra, for 3 days, in Toulon, on a film by Gérard Jugnot (also present on the show). ' Isabelle did not deign to go down to Toulon “, he dropped, visibly disappointed and taken aback not to see the 64-year-old actress, whom he thought was in the casting.

Upset, the star reacted immediately: ' It's not that I didn't deign sir... What's the name of the other one there on the phone? Calm down Mark! I go where I'm told to go, if I didn't go to Toulon, it's not that I didn't bother, it's that I wasn't paid for it! (...) It's very contemptuous, hang up! “, replied Isabelle Mergault.

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As for Gérard Jugnot, hilarious on set, he flew to his rescue. ' But there was no role for her! “, replied the actor and director who gave the reply to Isabelle Mergault for months on stage in the play Ayme's Reason ; today we find Gérard on stage in The day of the kiwi . The duo also collaborated in the cinema in the film Life is beautiful when you think about it .

Isabelle Mergault back in the cinema as a director

The actress and mother of two daughters, was absent for several months from Big heads for a good reason: she directed her 4th feature film entitled hands of gold . A film starring Lambert Wilson, Josiane Balasko or even Sylvie Testud.

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What is it about ? Allocinated relate le pitch : ' Philippe is a well-known writer, whose life was going smoothly: a surgeon wife, a circle of high-ranking friends, a Parisian mansion... And above all, an imminent entry into the French Academy. Except that Philippe suffers from terrible back pain which poisons his existence. When he meets the incredible Martha, who picks him up after a car accident on the roads of Normandy, his view of the world changes. With her gentle madness and her healing hands, this woman who seems so free attaches herself above all to caring for others even if it means forgetting herself. Between these two characters that everything opposes, an amazing friendship is woven, with the opportunity for them to finally seize the best that life can offer them. '