Isabelle Mergault, accused of being 'transphobic': 'I make amends', mea culpa facing 'the evidence'

Isabelle Mergault, who had caused controversy by declaring that men could not be pregnant, made 'amendment'. The 64-year-old actress claims she 'got it wrong'...

  Isabelle Mergault, accused of'être "transphobe" : "Je fais amende honorable", mea culpa face "aux preuves"

Isabelle Mergault makes his mea culpa. While the 64-year-old actress had declared that men could not be pregnant, she goes back on Twitter. ' Ok. I make amends in view of the evidence given to me . Men can be pregnant and give birth. I was wrong, it can happen to anyone . I apologize to those I may have offended. “, said the actress on Twitter, on October 31.

Isabelle Mergault accused of being 'transphobic': her controversial statements

The actress and director ( I find you very beautiful, finally widowed ...) had divided the Web last August, when she had commented on an article of the Huff Post on Twitter, which was captioned: ' This poster of Planning familial with a pregnant man ulcerates the far right '. On the poster in question, u n male couple is shown, one of whom is pregnant . Isabelle Mergault then dropped on Twitter: ' Uh no. I'm not far right but sorry, a man pregnant No. It's not possible 'Faced with this declaration, part of the Web was inflamed and many Internet users responded to the actress in order to prove her the opposite. The question of gender identity is thus at the heart of the debate.

But for many weeks, Isabelle Mergault remained entrenched in her positions. Accused of being transphobe ' by a netizen, the actress replied: ' Ahaha! Accused of being transphobic for saying there were no pregnant men. I reiterate. Only women can be pregnant '. And to insist: ' To give birth you need female organs. Is it complicated to understand? Trans/not trans… after childbirth , ok. But you don't give birth with male organs . Or else you really but REALLY have to be explained to me '. The comedian also joked about it, saying: ' While pregnant men give birth, I was discovered to have a prostate problem. I'm upset! Finally, less and less '.

Christophe Beaugrand: the response of his comrade from the Big Heads

His colleague from Big heads the RTL, Christopher Beaugrand , also took part in the debate and tried to explain how men could become pregnant: ' Men who haven't fully transitioned [born in bodies gendered as feminine but with which they were not in adequacy, nldr] and who kept female reproductive organs. But in the eyes of the law and in the commonly accepted appearance, they are men '. After many conversations, Isabelle Mergault finally realized his mistake and apologized for her mistake. Admitted fault...