Isabelle Boulay is 50 years old: Couple with Dupond-Moretti, Drama of her life, Surgery, Famous ex...

Isabelle Boulay turns 50 on July 6! What do you know about the flamboyant and talented redhead? The car accident that changed everything, her famous ex-companions, motherhood, her meeting with Dupond-Moretti, their 'complicated intimacy', her relationship to age and physique... Confidences and crazy secrets of the interpreter of 'Talk to me'.

  Isabelle Boulay is 50 years old: Couple with Dupond-Moretti, Drama of her life, Surgery, Famous ex...

Isabelle Boulay celebrates her 50th birthday July 6! To celebrate this passage in this new decade, the singer performs on stage at the Olympia, the evening of her birthday. We bet that his companion, Eric Dupond-Moretti, will be in the room to applaud him! The drama of his childhood, his debut in the song, his famous ex-spouses, his son, his couple, his vision of romanticism, the plastic surgery ... and everything you need to know about the charismatic singer!

Isabelle Boulay sang to 'console the adults'

Isabelle Boulay was born on July 6, 1972 in Sainte-Félicité, a small town in Quebec. She is the eldest in a family of three children. From the age of seven, the young girl, who certainly has a gift for singing, performs on stage. ' I grew up in my parents' bar and restaurant, I saw that when I sang it consoled the adults . I couldn't do anything else, I was helpless in the face of the grief of grown-ups “, she recalled in Charts In France .

Isabelle Boulay: the drama of her life

Unfortunately, when she was eight years old, the young Isabelle Boulay lives a drama . His father has a serious road accident on Christmas Eve and is hospitalized for some time. ' He found himself between life and death, urgently transferred to Quebec. Me, I was 8 years old, I had to sing at midnight mass. I was looked after by my aunt. Then he stayed 8-10 months hospitalized and it wasn't the same “, she explained to the Parisian .

He survives, but keeps heavy physical and psychological sequelae ... so much so that he leaves the family home to isolate himself in the woods. Since then, Isabelle Boulay no longer sees her father as often as she would have liked . He died less than fifteen years later, in January 1995.

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Isabelle Boulay: Starmania, the beginning of glory

In 1990, the budding singer's friends enrolled her in the song contest of the Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée ... may she win hands down! There, a journalist, Josélito Michaud, spotted her and decided to launch her artistic career. In 1996, she lent her voice to singer Alys Robi in the TV series of the same name. A role that reveals her to the Quebec public. Surfing on this new wave of success, she leaves son premiere album , Should not... but the opus is far from unanimous.

It is partly thanks to Luc Plamondon that Isabelle Boulay ends up breaking through. The young woman is given the role of Marie-Jeanne in the rock opera starmania . The French public discovers it. and instantly fell in love with her powerful voice.

Isabelle Boulay was in a relationship with Stéphane Rousseau

From 2000 to 2003, the singer saw a romance with the Canadian comedian Stéphane Rousseau . In December 2004, more than a year after their separation, the two recorded a variety show together for France 2, but no rancor was noticeable between the ex-lovebirds!

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Isabelle Boulay: who is the father of her son?

Then she begins a relationship with the producer Marc-Andre Chicoine with whom she has a son, Marcus , born in October 2008. The offspring of the singer certainly has an artistic flair! ' He is an excellent violinist . He has always loved the classic (...) I don't know where it comes from because I don't listen to it and neither does his father. But when he was very young, he was fascinated by seeing symphony orchestras on TV “, she explained to the Parisian . And to add: ' We'll see if he makes it his job. '.

Isabelle Boulay: her meeting with Dupond-Moretti

Since 2016, the artist has been in a relationship with lawyer and minister Eric Dupond-Moretti . According Paris Match , it is thanks to mutual friends that the lawyer and the singer met!

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Isabelle Boulay and Dupond-Moretti: the difficulty in their couple

The lovebirds are however often separated from each other . And for good reason, Isabelle Boulay shares her daily life between France and Quebec. ' We get to see each other as often as possible. . Not enough for my taste, not enough for his taste, but we manage. By the times of Covid , we are not the only couple separated by an ocean and the sanitary rules that have prevailed for a whole period, but we managed “, had entrusted the Keeper of the Seals to the microphone of France Inter .

Isabelle Boulay and her companion: 'complicated intimacy'

The couple survived the distance and also did not waver when Eric Dupond-Moretti entered the government. ' At at the beginning, when I learned that he was going to become Minister of Justice, I had the impression that something was going to escape us , then on the contrary it brought us even closer “, confided the singer to the microphone of RTL .

' It's sure that the realm of intimacy gets a bit more complicated , we live with a security team that is always juxtaposed, but they are really very nice people “, she added.

Isabelle Boulay: her role in The Voice

In 2014 and 2015, Isabelle Boulay put on the coach's hat for the show The voice , Quebec version of The Voice .

Isabelle Boulay, 'not romantic enough'

If the artist sings about love, she is not the type to display her sentimentality in broad daylight. ' The I'm not romantic enough ! That's why I make love songs. It's special because for a woman, doing the job I do doesn't leave much room for romantic propensities. “, she confided in Charts In France .

Isabelle Boulay: surgery and physics

Isabelle Boulay is not particularly afraid of aging, but she is realistic about her image. ' I have started seeing me age when I was 21, when I was in Starmania . From year to year, I noticed that my eyelids were a little less firm “, she assured to Pure Charts . About the plastic surgery , this is not relevant. ' I congratulate myself, I haven't given in yet “, she let go.