Isabelle Balkany, shocked by the nude photos of a famous singer: 'A pathetic stupidity'

In a murderous message published on her Twitter account, Isabelle Balkany attacks a famous singer, who posted photos in which she appears completely naked…

  Isabelle Balkany, shocked by the nude photos of'une célèbre chanteuse : "Une pathétique bêtise"

What a fly could have bitten Isabelle Balkany for her to attack so virulently the godmother of the next edition of the Sommet de la Francophonie, to be held in France in 2024, chosen by Emmanuel Macron ? Traveling to Djerba in Tunisia, where the 18th meeting of the 88 Member States of the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) is being held this weekend, the President of the Republic indeed met French artist Yseult before announcing: With Yseult, our godmother for 2024, we will continue to promote our beautiful language. '.

Why does Isabelle Balkany attack Yseult?

But the choice of the head of state does not seem to have been appreciated at all by Isabelle Balkany, who hastened to publish photos of the naked singer on her Twitter account. Seemingly impervious to the messages of diversity and self-acceptance promoted by Yseult, Isabelle Balkany has criticized this choice of the singer to expose her body on social networks . ' The one chosen by Macron as 'godmother' 2024 of the 'Young Francophone Ambassadors', defenders of La Francophonie in the world...Masochism, disrespect for France or pathetic stupidity? I hesitate' , she commented, visibly shocked.

Isabelle Balkany fuels the controversy over Yseult

In a second tweet published a few hours later, Isabelle Balkany again expresses her dissatisfaction by providing further clarification: ' PS: Small precision, in addition to a certain indecency, Yseult, our new 'ambassador'' has left France, which she vilified for its 'colonialism'... '. She then joins the anger of some Internet users who denounce on Twitter the choice of Emmanuel Macron despite the fact that singer Yseult said she left France for Belgium last year because the country did not come to terms with its colonial past. ' I had the chance to meet President Emmanuel Macron this morning in Djerba to talk about the French language and my music ', Yseult commented on his Twitter account, before adding: ' Thanks to him for his attentive ear '.