Isabelle Aubret is 84 years old: Eurovision (X2), Money problems, Accidents, Success...

Isabelle Aubret celebrates her 84th birthday... but she's not about to bow out! The artist (and ex-sportswoman) is always full of projects and her ambition has not waned. Her childhood, her star friends, her title of champion of France, her serious accidents, why she didn't have children... Here are the highlights of her life.

  Isabelle Aubret is 84 years old: Eurovision (X2), Problems of'argent, Accidents, Succès...

Isabelle Aubret celebrates her 84th birthday this July 27. Great friend of Jacques Brel, singer who sublimated poetry and participated twice in the Eurovision Song Contest , the artist is not about to bow out. Always eager to go on stage, she dreams of interpreting the role of Marie Curie . Are childhood , in family , are work in a factory , his difficult beginnings , his (graves) accidents , his friendship with Jean Ferrat, his real name, his ambitions... Secrets and background.

- His real name is Therese Coquerelle .

- She was born on July 27, 1938 in Small , in family of 11 children , of which it is the fifth. His father is foreman in a spinning mill and his mother, of Ukrainian origin, is housewife .

- Isabelle Aubret grew up in a family with few means, but magnetic and happy. ' A Christmas , during communion at midnight mass, our father would go home, he would open all the windows, despite the cold, and he would sneak back to the church. We would come home and shout 'Santa Claus has come!' We had no money , it was our parents who made the gifts “, she told The voice of the North .

- Child, Thérèse Coquerelle is a real ' tomboy “, remembered one of her friends, on the set of the old show Wanted poster: ' We were playing lively games ! (...) Already at that time, Isabelle had a gift for dance, gymnastics, representation '.

- In 1952, when she was only 14 years old, Thérèse Coquerelle was dropped out of school and hired as a winder in the Lemaire-Destombes factory in Saint-André, where his father works.

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- At the same time, the teenager takes acting lessons which allow her to become aware of her gift for comedy , but also gymnastics and dance classes. Definitely gifted in many fields, she also won the French Gymnastics Championships (just that!).

- The future Isabelle Aubret also participates in local singing competitions , at the instigation of his drama teacher. He also introduced her to the director of a Lille radio station... An opportunity that allowed him to to get on stage for the first time! ' I arrived as Ugly Duckling . At the factory, the dust stuck everywhere. Getting rid of it was no small feat. I was spitting in my hands to smooth my coat “, she recalled in The New Republic .

- Arriving in the capital, in her debut the budding singer is penniless . ' I arrived in Paris, without money . I went into bars to drink water, ask for aspirin because, as I was hungry, I had a headache. I slept in a church “, she told We Worship .

- In 1956, at only 18 years old, Isabelle Aubret is engaged in an orchestra of Le Havre .

- But it was in 1960 that success knocked on the door, when the young budding singer wins a singing competition at the Olympia … and is noticed by none other than Bruno Coquatrix , director of the mythical room! This one helps him to get a contract in a cabaret of Pigalle, the Fifty-Fifty.

- Two years later, the one who now calls herself Isabelle Aubret represents France at the 7th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest ... and wins the competition, with his song A First Love .

- The singer has become one of the close friends of Jean Ferrat , despite their many differences. 'I was from a working class background, my Political Views were not his, he was more radical. I was for harmony, consensus. But like Brel, he fell in love with my journey , my mother, my poor childhood in the North' , she remembered at the microphone of RFI .

- Isabelle Aubret is about to be chosen to star in Umbrellas of Cherbourg , by Jacques Demy, but fate decides otherwise. In 1963, in Arnay-le-Duc, her car skidded and she was the victim of a terrible accident which costs one person's life and injures three others. Herself hospitalized , the singer is operated and must begin a long rehabilitation which obliges her to put his career on hold .

- In 1965, she interpreted the credits of the series The Adventures of Saturnin , broadcast until 1970 on the ORTF.

- Isabelle Aubret becomes the first artist to represent France twice at Eurovision , when she was chosen in 1968 with her song, The Source , earning him third place.

- In 1969, she left the Polydor label and signed a recording contract with the Meys label, whose producer is Gerard Meys ... who becomes they are mari !

- In 1981, the singer is unfortunately victim of another accident , as she repeats a number from trapeze for the Union des artistes gala, with his partner, boxer Jean-Claude Bouttier. She takes a serious fall and breaks both legs. It's only after two difficult years of rehabilitation that she completely recovers the ability to walk. ' I was 23, eighteen broken bones. I was disfigured, pins coming out of my legs “, she had remembered in We Worship .

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- In 1992, Isabelle Aubret was awarded the Legion of Honor by the President of the Republic at the time, François Mitterrand.

- The talented artist with many hats even shares the poster for the Vagina Monologues , with the actresses Astrid Veillon and Sara Giraudeau , in 2006.

- Isabelle Aubret n'a never had children because the men in her life did not want it.

- Never short of inspiration and not about to rest on her laurels, the singer has begun a tour in 2017, which she continued until the end of 2021. In addition, she would like back on the boards , as she had confided to Idols Mag in 2017: ' I would also like to play a strong character like Marie Curie, Louise Michel or Simone Veil . I'd be honored to be one of them for a show '. The call is launched?