Is your dish bland? This single ingredient can make the difference

Just a pinch of this little-known ingredient can enhance the taste of your dish! Find out which one and how to use it in your dishes that lack pep.

 Is your dish bland? This single ingredient can make the difference

You took a while to prepare this chili con carne, but when you tasted it: nothing. It is sorely lacking in taste . However, you have not skimped on the spices and you have followed the recipe to the letter ! There's nothing more frustrating than a long, tasteless dish.

Faced with this situation, you are tempted to empty the pot of salt in your preparation or to add a strong dose of pepper. Adding a large dose of salt risks – at best – making your guests thirsty. For the pepper, this risks setting fire to their mouths and entrails. In this case, it is therefore preferable to use another ingredient, which, with a single pinch, can significantly improve the flavors of your dish !

Umami to the rescue of bland dishes

Umami, also called the fifth flavor (after salty, sweet, bitter and sour), literally means 'delicious taste' in Japanese . This flavor was first identified in 1905 by Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda in a traditional dashi broth, made with kombu seaweed and dried bonito shavings. He then refers to this flavor as the 'tasty taste'. It is found in many foods as the parmesan or veal stock and makes all the difference in a dish. It is this famous little taste of 'come back' ! Among the chemical compounds at the origin of this fifth flavor, the y a le glutamate , an amino acid naturally present in many foods such as mushrooms or parmesan. There is also powdered food glutamate on the market. Well, know that a single pinch of this ingredient can dramatically enhance the taste of your dish!

Glutamate, to be used in moderation

The European Food Safety Authority has set the acceptable daily dose from glutamate to 30 mg per kg of weight body per day. Above this dose, the consumption of glutamate can have harmful effects on health. Good news, to enhance the taste of a dish, just add 1/8 tsp of glutamate powder! To choose, we will prefer that plutôt que de vider le pot de sel or chilli!