Is there really a 'secret code' teachers use to talk about students? A school principal responds

According to a video posted on TikTok, American teachers would use coded language to evoke students with their parents. They would thus highlight their qualities and turn their faults into strengths! What about in France? We asked the principal of a primary school the question.

  Is there really a 'secret code' teachers use to talk about students? A director of'école répond

Would the teachers use a specific language to evoke their pupils when they are in front of their parents? This is according to an American TikTok account titled @bored_teachers which reveals a form of ' code secret 'used by them not to belittle a child when they talk about him to his parents. In her video, a teacher tells how She and her colleagues use 'a code when we email parents,' which she describes as follows:

  • When we use phrases such as 'Your child is very social', it means he won't stop talking' , she reveals.
  • She adds that the fact of evoking a 'contagious excitement' means that the child has difficulty channeling
  • a child 'né leader' is a very authoritative student!

And in France, are there also double meaning sentences in the reports and the words of the teachers?

If the teachers do not confirm it, some recognize that the tendency to benevolence is particularly pregnant especially in the first degree. ' Always present things from a positive perspective. Example: 'Léa is struggling with spelling, but we trust her to improve in this area' or 'Nathan still needs to improve in learning to read. He now knows how to decipher simple syllables and must gain self-confidence to continue in this positive dynamic. ', explains this principal of a primary school from the East of France, which thus insists on the fact that teachers make sure to highlight the qualities and strengths of their students and to ' focus on progress more than on the gap in level '.

' We take the same approach for a student with behavioral difficulties. We are thus going to write for example: 'Martin is often very agitated in class, but when he manages to be available for learning , he shows good abilities' , says the school principal.

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In college, the speech becomes more raw!

' We try not to damage the student's self-esteem so that he remains involved and motivated, and maintains the educational alliance with the parents ' she insists, before specifying that this form of positive communication seems to be particularly implemented in the first degree, but less in college and high school. ' I receive 6ᵉ report cards from my former students, and if that begins to change in the second degree, for students in difficulty, college teachers often limit themselves to 'lack of personal work', which is not always TRUE' , she insists.