Is Jean-Luc Lahaye still banned from performing on stage? The verdict is in

Jean-Luc Lahaye, accused of raping minors, is prohibited from practicing his profession as a singer. But his lawyers tried to reverse this court decision. Did they make it?

  Does Jean-Luc Lahaye always have'interdiction de se produire sur scène ? Le verdict est tombé

Jean-Luc Lahaye has ban on going on stage since October, following a decision by the new investigating magistrate in charge of the case. Lawyers for singer accused of rapes on minor have therefore formulated a request for reversal of this order . The decision was finally made on November 22. Verdict? The Paris Court of Appeal has confirmed the singer's stage ban , according BFM TV . Specifically, Jean-Luc Lahaye, who was scheduled to perform a concert on December 23, said ' the prohibition to exercise the professional activity (appearances and public representations within the framework of his activity as an artist) which would have allowed the commission of the offenses for which the person concerned is indicted ', lit.

Jean-Luc Lahaye: emails that 'contradict' one of the complainants

While he was placed in pre-trial detention at the Santé prison since November 5, 2021 for 'rape', 'rape and sexual assault on minors under 15', as well as 'corruption of minors', the Paris Court of Appeal had decided on May 24 to release Jean-Luc Lahaye. According to information revealed by BFMTV, new elements had worked in his favour.

According to our colleagues from BFM TV, one of the accusers would have sent to the person concerned a series of emails, some of which are very explicit. Messages dated January 24, 2014 through April 3, 2020 that, according to the singer's lawyers ' contradict 'the version of the facts of one of the two minor complainants. She had confided that she had been under the influence and coercion into non-consensual sex for many years. However, at the time of these emails, the he then 17-year-old woman evokes a desired relationship with the artist.

'I miss you'… 'Your little wife.'

In her messages, the teenager seems to assume its relationship with the artist . ' I remember your gestures, your voice. I constantly draw from this past that we have in common, nothing is more beautiful. J I miss you. I want your gaze on me... ', she wrote to him before signing: ' Your little wife.' .

'You are not a pedophile'

BFMTV also reveals an extract in which the a young girl comes to the defense of the interpreter of Woman that I love. ' You don't have a pedophile . Neither does a rapist. Especially not ! We all know you're not the guy to abuse a woman without her consent.' could we read. With her email, the young woman joined ' pics of her naked ' as well as ' many very explicit sexual proposals “, reports BFMTV.

The question of 'hold' at the heart of the case

If on the defense side, these new elements are a game-changer, for Nathalie Bucquet, the plaintiffs' lawyer, it does not change the charges. ' I'm not particularly worried by all this. I expected Jean-Luc Lahaye to be released at some point, particularly because of his age.' , she told BFM TV.

And to add: ' Messages from Roxane (name changed) do not weaken the file. Because behind all that, it is the question of the influence that Jean-Luc Lahaye exerted on them which arises. I remember that they were both minors. she expressed confidently.

Jean-Luc Lahaye: the investigation is still ongoing

Jean-Luc Lahaye was released under judicial supervision. Presumed innocent, the investigation is still in progress. He remains under investigation for rape of minors and faces up to 20 years in prison. The two mothers of the plaintiffs aged 53 and 49 are also still indicted for non-reporting of crimes. They are suspected of having encouraged sexual relations between their daughters with Jean-Luc Lahaye. Margaux Lahaye, the singer's 37-year-old daughter, is accused of witness tampering.