Iris Mittenaere surprises with her red hair on Instagram

After trying out the ultra-chic short square, Iris Mittenaere surprises with a new color. Miss France 2016 has gone red-haired. Discover his new face in the video.

 Iris Mittenaere surprises with her red hair on Instagram

Iris Mittenaere loves having fun with her hair. Miss France 2016 swapped her natural brown hair for a coloration redhead XXL lengths . Here is the secret behind this radical hair change.

Iris Mittenaere wears the coloration rousse

A few days ago on her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere had already made a major hair change, going from long hair to short square . A new cut, achieved thanks to a convincing wig, which had ' made me want a million changes.' The one who was elected Miss France and Miss Universe in 2016 has again taken the plunge, sporting a new head. This time, the star did not fall for a new haircut, but for a bold coloring. Thus, in a Real video posted on Instagram on October 21, Iris Mittenaere shows herself with her natural brown hair before posting, after a short transition, a red hair color to fall. We also note its XXL lengths which fit like a glove. It is her favorite hairdresser, Paul Duchemin, who created this hair look which is once again possible thanks to a nice wig.

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The roux, fall color 2022

With this clear and luminous red, is Iris Mittenaere about to join the club of stars who have gone red-haired This year ? Kendall Jenner, Tessa Thompson, Sophie Turner or Sydney Sweeney: they have all recently succumbed to red, with various shades. Because it is the seductive asset of this color that we see everywhere this fall 2022: it is available at will. Flamboyant, coppery, Venetian or orange: red adapts to all skin tones and all hair desires.