'Instead of pumping the air for us...': Brigitte Bardot, disgusted, lets out a mouthful, explanations (and divisive remarks)

Fervent activist of the animal cause recognized for not mincing her words, Brigitte Bardot publishes on Twitter a long open letter in which she denounces the inaction of the authorities in the face of animal abuse which she describes as 'animal racism'.

  'Instead of pumping us'air..." : Brigitte Bardot, écœurée, pousse une gueulante, explications (et propos clivants)

Brigitte Bardot pushed a new rant via his Twitter account this Wednesday, November 9, 2022. In a long press release, the ex-star of French cinema stepped up to the plate for the animal cause and wished to express in the preamble his ' fed up with endless discussions on T.V. about racism! On this bullshit while the planet is dying, France has become a waste dump and the war [in Ukraine, editor's note] hangs in our face! ' she wrote before yelling at the ministers to get to work. ' Instead of sucking the air out of us, make sure there's no more racism! “Furthermore, according to the interested party, the real” dramatic racism ' is ' animal racism '. Words, in his image, ultra divisive...

This film at the origin of the anger of Brigitte Bardot

At the origin of this rant of the actress now aged 88, the film by Roman Polanski The pianist , broadcast the day before on Arte, which according to her reveals ' the deep and abject human cruelty which over the centuries has always been the deep DNA of human nature (…) I made the connection with the current human barbarism which uses its predominance over animals that are also submissive and innocent ', she protests before returning to the video of the L.214 association which denounces the atrocious barbarism with which the goats are treated. In general indifference according to her. ' Every day, three million animals are slaughtered in slaughterhouses in France, who cares? ', she underlines. And to add, furiously: ' Racism invades the screens, the tortured goats did not move the political class. '

Brigitte Bardot, customary of rants

Fully committed to animal defense to which she has devoted her whole life, former actress Brigitte Bardot has become accustomed to long pleas for the animal cause. After having addressed a murderous letter to the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron , in which she harshly called the French president ' Poutine of nature and animals ' and of ' despicable and despised bloodthirsty destroyer '- because of her complacency and her displayed support for hunters - she had also expressed her anger against the Algerian Head of State, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to express to him her emotion and her disappointment with the fate reserved for stray animals in Algeria. , then openly opposed ' bloody ritual 'what does the ritual sacrifice of Eid el-Kebir constitute in her view.

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