Infused water, the cool drink good for the planet

With heat waves and heat waves, you always have to stay hydrated. But conventional drinks are not environmentally friendly. This delicious drink is the solution!

 L'eau infusée, la boisson fraîche bonne pour la planète

The arrival of sunny days often means cocktails on the terrace, beer by the pool or ice-cold fruit juice. Unfortunately, these drinks are not not the best options for the planet . Alcohol in general has a heavy carbon footprint, particularly because of the large amount of water required to manufacture it. Sodas are generally sold in plastic bottles, while coffee and tea are imported from the other side of the world. Fruit juice seems like a good alternative in theory, but a lot of fruit is imported. So, to hydrate yourself while preserving the planet, bet on the infused water, an environmentally friendly drink and your health.

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Creative infused water recipes

This delicious, environmentally friendly drink only requires very few ingredients and materials , just a touch of imagination. You need to water, fruit and seasonal vegetables , to flavor your infused water even more, consider the aromatic herbs . The combinations are almost endless, you can for example mix:

  • some strawberries and raspberries with fresh basil leaves;
  • the juice of half a lemon, lemon slices, mint leaves and cucumber slices;
  • an apricot and a sin cut into pieces with a few sprigs of rosemary;
  • mint, honey and orange slices;
  • pieces of orange, basil leaves and flowers of lavender .

Place your ingredients in a carafe with cold or room temperature water, then let steep for minimum 2 hours in the refrigerator. The recipes adapt to your desires and according to the summer season. Use fruits and aromatic herbs from your garden to make your little cocktail even more eco-responsible.